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I’m sure most Labour Party members will be delighted with the news that party membership is set to rise to one million people when Jeremy Corbyn wins. This isn't just some weird cult following, as the Daily Mail implies, but actually a large proportion of the population. One in sixty people you walk past in the street will soon be a Labour Party member. This has never happened in history and is also brilliant news. It’s as if the masses are flexing their muscles against the might of the establishment once again and I’m sure most socialists will be loving every minute of it. It just shows how out of touch the corporate controlled media is with public opinion and it's like they're finally starting to lose control. They play people off against each other to divide and conquer, demonising migrant workers, unemployed people, single mothers claiming welfare, or anyone else they can. But any woman can lose her job. Any woman can become single. Any one of us could migrate abroad for economic reasons, if our own country entered extreme hardship. Anything is possible.

But what they don't tell you is the biggest leach on society is them. Evading one hundred and twenty billion pounds in tax every year. Almost half of spending by the state isn't on benefits for the unemployed or migrant workers, but goes on subsidising private profit. Richard Branson is the biggest benefit scrounger of all. Claiming a fortune while the evil Tories plan cuts to degrade disabled people. The scum of the earth aren't on our council estates, like the Daily Mail implies, but sitting in our parliament and they're sitting around the table of the business pressure groups that run the country. We shouldn't be in fear of those coming over our borders, but be in fear of those pulling the strings and their hidden agenda. They are the enemy within! And if they keep getting their way everything we take for granted will be taken away. It isn't in their interest to pay for a free National Health Service for all. It isn't in their interest to pay for public services. And austerity is a political tool to advance their agenda. Not only is it against mainstream economic thought. It hasn't worked. The Tories aren't the sensible party on economics, they're the party of the rich, like they always were and despite screwing us over with cuts, they have run up more debt than Labour ever did. Teresa May calls this "living within our means".

If you voted to leave the EU, because you thought you were getting an Australian style points system, you've been lied to. The government has announced this will not be happening. But when Jeremy Corbyn wins in two weeks this could be the start of what a real revolution looks like. It's been long awaited and its coming just in time. It won't be led by Nigel Farage, because real revolutions aren't led by people who stick their wealth in off shore tax havens. They're led by people like me and you. And in the coming weeks when Jeremy wins the pitchforks are coming out and it time for the peoples army to start marching on west-minister. In the early twentieth century the last tsar of Russia Nicholas II said if things keep going this way there might be a revolution. So I say the same to those at the top of the social power structure today as what was said back then. As he was tapped on his shoulder and politely told "I'm sorry Nicholas, the revolution has already begun."

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