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Comrade Corbyn, the lion of freedom

The lion of freedom comes free from his den,

So we can rally around him again and again.

He's the terror of these tyrants,

The friend of you and me: Corbyn - the patriot of the people's Liberty.

To this privileged minority, we are falling prey,

But the bright star of freedom will show himself one day.

We will crown those with laurels; who bring equality.

So will he lead us into battle? our champion he can be.

No party of the people when his body confined.

We hail our caged lion with his generous mind.

He's the foe of austerity; the friend of a slave.

He'll be the pride of the nation, because he's noble and brave.

A true labour man - the noblest of men.

We'll rally around him again and again.

He'll strive for the patriots, hope for woman and for men.

Corbyn - the champion of the people who will not be slaves again.

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