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Trotskyist, entryist,

Trouble-makers, infiltrators,

Angry mob of law haters,

High on lentils and potatoes.

Anti-semites, acolytes,

Prearranged soundbites.

Deluded cultists, absolutists,

Filthy, nasty opportunists.

Dangerous & laughable,

They're dogs, they’re beasts, they’re animals,

They’re ultimately fallible,

Destroy us like a cannibal.

Depressed vegetarians,

Bourgeois pescetarians,

Mistrust and paranoia,

Served with hand wringing and soya.

Eminently blamable,

And never ever tameable,

Middle class, smart ass,

Bully, threaten and harass.

Followers of Karl Marx,

Enemies of monarchs,

Stalin’s moll, aggressive troll,

Report them all to Interpol!

Militant folk music fans,

With madcap self-indulgent plans,

Raucous, uncouth, spiteful rabble,

Spouting pseudo psychobabble.

A Leftie execution squad

Preaching parasitic cod.

A pack of Nazi stormtroopers

Hiding behind home computers.

Undemocratic and dogmatic,

Arriviste, melodramatic,

Circus of disciples,

Blocking roads with cycles!

Lacking judgment, lacking vision,

Followers of pacifism,

Vile scumbags, ugly cowards,

Cannot see the need for power.

Insidious Trade Unionists,

Corbyn on a Crucifix,

Bent on wrecking British life!

Third World scroungers causing strife!

Misogynistic cult for cranks,

Who want to shut down Britain’s banks.

Suburban housewives, quite deranged

By homelessness and climate change.

Wealthy classes left estranged,

The social order rearranged.

We’ve got to stop them at all costs

Before the status quo is lost!

Take any chance to circumvent them

Must not let them seize momentum.

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