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Mainstream newspaper sales are on the decline. Newspapers are losing as many as half a million readers on average every year. Instead, we are starting to see the rise of online independent media outlets, shared through social media. Here’s part of the thinking behind ’The Prole Star’.

We constantly see people writing impressive statuses on Facebook, on a range of subjects. Some people get a popular following. But as individuals there is a limit to how far this can go. And in a way it seems that, by just writing on Facebook alone, these talents are wasted. So if you’re going to write on Facebook for free anyway, why not volunteer to write for an independent media outlet to get your name out there and gain recognition for your writing? Surely voices are stronger when combined with that of like-minded people?

One observation made is that articles on blogs seem to get shared across Facebook a lot more than individual statuses. And this outlet has the potential to build up a mass following - as other existing independent media outlets have already done. Some have even built up readerships which have surpassed established publications such as, The Economist.

The days of newspapers moulding our opinions are slipping away. This is why the recent rise of social media is so revolutionary. We aren’t as dependent on the media to tell us what is going on anymore, because we have our own source of information. And this is why we must be supportive of existing independent media outlets and encourage people to start them.

‘The Prole Star’ aims for a broad readership, because we want this publication to be as inclusive as possible. It will be covering areas such as, sport, celebrities, politics, economics, environment, fashion, health, technology, gaming, poetry, music, art and science. This blog is a left-wing media outlet, promoting socialism. And stands in solidarity with socialists in the Labour Party and grassroots campaigning organisation Momentum.

Contributors work for various institutions including universities and trade unions. If you would like to write for any of the previously mentioned sections, please don’t hesitate get in touch.

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