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Grammar Schools - Have Lessons Been Learned?

With the possible return of the Grammar school on the horizon, examining the past seems a good idea. Reflection for improvement. The Tripartite education structure highly favoured males. There were more grammar schools for boys than for girls, and even with the introduction of mixed that remains the case. This meant that girls had to achieve higher scores than their male counterparts to earn their place.

Although statistically it is widely acknowledged that girls achieve more than boys academically, this is not reflected in the employment market or the distribution of wealth in the UK. Highlighting that the ideal world of 'work harder and you get more' is not the case. What effect will grammar schools have on the already unequal playing field of opportunity?

I put the question to Bolton Labour MP David Crausby, who said:

'It is a concern, and it is one of a number of problems with the introduction of Grammar Schools'

'Grammar Schools will entrench inequality and unfairness in the education system. They are proven not to achieve social mobility or a good quality of education for all'

Access to education is already changing with university fees and rising childcare costs. With the threat of the grammar school ever closer, we need to make sure we don't further let down our girls, and ask have lessons been learned?

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