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If I'm Corrupt...

Written in 1996 about the overt political manoeuvering taking place at that time. Relevant today.. except that in our current Labour Party leader we have a way through, into far more honest and open dealings. Grateful for that.

If I'm corrupt..

I enter this hall to the greater good my oath is taken Silence falls on me but soon - as any debutante I make a maiden speech Good or bad, the Order papers wave ignoring every word each fluff and nervous tick and stutter They lead me into cliques

I fit, a body claimed, a vote in the Division new-boy-nervous Speeches which I make are vetted, by masters who whip me into line Policies I query, leave a slope of ice, before which I sit gazing

Moving up includes unpalatable facts accepted I gag - and swallow Responsibilities awarded by masters of corruption or wiser men - more generous lead me into murky water, seething in ooze and lies or stagnant pools Sometimes I leap, rock to slippery rock, falling in before the bank is gained

My speeches hit the page clamouring in altered meaning I trade one imperfect phrase of yours for one unwise response of mine In the trade-off factories are closed forever fishing nets destroyed

I hide the evidence, they're certain that I have and lie abroad I face their grand exposure of my wrongs and lie at home

If no answer comes, no blame is possible to shift I touch the wall Back against its roughened granite blocks fingers raw picking my escape. As baying Press advance I turn

Your evidence, in spite of perfect proof, is wrong my red eyes stare Should it prove correct, and I a liar I will state You do not understand the power you vest in me and furthermore my clique will still support my strong position I'll not resign

They will echo, echo, echo still with me If I'm corrupt so would they, in their long corruption be They will echo every word I state

If I'm corrupt..and you have proof.. So what!

© 19Feb1996 Charlotte Peters Rock

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