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BBC Bias

Having just listened to The Bottom Line on Radio 4 I was struck once again by the degree of bias in the BBC. Can you imagine the BBC having a series where only trade unionists were panel members? Where the business community did not get a right of reply? Where trades unionists were supposed to speak for bosses? I suspect that it makes your mind boggle. But here was a programme where bosses were saying what workers need. Four bosses, and their representatives. No workers, no trade unionists; not even representatives of civil society. Anyhow I have put a complaint into the BBC as follows: "The Bottom line only represents one view of business, which is normally bad enough anyhow (how about a discussion programme with unions members every week?). This week the discussion included workers rights, business ethics etc. but we only got the view of business owners we did not see hear the views of workers or wider society. This is actually an issue that goes wider than The Bottom Line, and affects most reporting on the BBC, where it is very rare to hear a union spokesperson without a view from a business representative, but we very frequently hear from business spokespeople without any workers' voice." Let's see how they respond.

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