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Not All Men....Really?

So we've all heard Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women. What I want to know is, who were the guys laughing along with him?

As a feminist I get the "not all men" line thrown at me often and as you can imagine it's never relevant. But on this occasion let's look what that means. Does laughing, condoning, enabling get you into the Not All Men group?

According to Farage this is 'boys being boys' and social media in full of the excuse that this is banter. In that case, according to that argument, it IS all men.

But Katz would disagree with this. Stating the boys will be boys excuse is insulting to men, implying they are incapable of decent behaviour. I am inclined to agree with Katz.

There is a well studied link around gender stereotypes of masculinity that sexual objectification of women and girls is all too common and affects many lives, but those who don't stand against it aren't good guys either.

If you walk on and say nothing, it helps the perpetrator, there is no neutral.

This debate has seen the return of #yesallwomen and highlights the similarity of not all men versus victim blaming. If not all men why can't I wear a skirt, drink, go out at night etc.

I think in essence it's not all men, but these good guys need to stop saying not all men, and start saying don't be that guy. Because letting it go on, laughing at the joke, saying nothing as your mate does it.....means you're not a good guy. That way it wouldn't be yes all women anymore.

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