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Brexit Is About Deregulation, Not Immigration - An Open Letter To Leavers

Dear Leavers,

Polling shows us most of you voted to leave the EU for two main reasons.

Firstly, you wanted to regain sovereignty for Britain, and secondly most of you wanted to see a reduction in the numbers of people from other countries coming into the UK:

The sad truth is, however, that your leaders – who are now in control of Brexit – have no intention of reducing immigration after the UK leaves the EU:

And it looks like your leaders have absolutely no intention of regaining sovereignty for Britain either.

Quite the opposite in fact.

They want Brexit so they can sell off large parts of British services and infrastructure to foreign interests outside the EU – particularly in the US and China:

We also know those who ran the Brexit campaign openly lied to you about spending more money on the NHS if the UK voted to leave the EU.

Which is no surprise when you discover that your leaders have been trying to privatise and sell off the NHS for years:

I’m sorry to tell you your leaders didn’t want you to vote for Brexit in order to reduce immigration, regain sovereignty, or have more money to spend on essential services such as the NHS and schools.

They want Brexit so they can reduce your wages …

… and scrap all of the EU regulations that protect your health and safety at work and give you rights such as maternity and sick leave:

And your leaders wanted you to vote Brexit, because being outside the EU will make it easier for them to sell off our services and infrastructure to their wealthy foreign friends, and turn our fantastic country into little more than a sweat shop.

The awful truth is that you have been had. You’ve been sold a pup. Your leaders have sold you down the river.

The only mystery is why more of you aren’t more angry with your own leaders?

Yours in sympathy,


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