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The establishment asked a question this summer: who owns the Labour Party? The answer came back: not

On a ram-packed train returning from Liverpool, after The Labour Party conference., my Momentum badge clearly on show for the world to see, I was forcibly told by a member of the public, “we have a cruel Tory government in and no opposition. He is never going to win, he is unelectable. It’s not what people want.” I could have easily been at home listening to the Labour rebels on the BBC. Thankfully, that day, not everyone I spoke to was so negative towards Jeremy Corbyn, as many told me they like what he says, but they don’t know if he could get elected.

Then things got personal. I was getting questioned about myself and where I work, as they were looking for a reason to attack “See you’ve got a good job, why don’t you forget all that and just concentrate on yourself” I was told, again forcibly. The factory I’ve just started working at has a reputation as being a good employer locally, despite the fact that myself and a lot of other workers there are on zero hour contracts. A friend of mine has worked there for ten years for the same agency and considering that work is apparently the path of upward social mobility, he has no chance of getting a mortgage.

The point she was making was if you work for the actual employer, this workplace pays a good wage. What she didn’t realise is that this factory only has good wages off the back of industrial socialism. Because the workers of the past didn’t think only about themselves, they were united and they fought for better pay and better conditions for everyone.

The consequences of The Trade Union act, which according to a report by the Office for National Statistics, revealed that real wages growth has "been on a broadly downwards trend" ever since. When the Tories came to power, real wages declined by 2.2% between the years 2010 and 2013. While simultaneously food prices increased by 30% between the years 2008 and 2013 and as for energy prices they increased by 60%.

Professor Noam Chomsky, one of the most influential intellectuals of our time said that the masses are often manipulated into acting against their own interest. Noam has been very supportive of Jeremy Corbyn. Would Donald Trump, who really is a threat to the masses, have this kind of support? The truth is Jeremy Corbyn is no threat to anything except to corporate power, as he wishes to repeal the Trade Union Act, which will redistribute power and wealth to the many and take it from the privileged few.

This is the real reason that the press, which is owned by billionaires, has hostility towards Jeremy Corbyn. It isn’t because he is unelectable, because then he wouldn’t be a threat, and it isn’t because it’s not what people want. The truth is it isn’t what they want. It’s that simple. And it’s the threat of his election that they fear most.

We are moving into exciting times. The rise of Jeremy Corbyn and the left of the Labour Party who want a society that works for all. The fall of the now-backbench right-wing Labour rebels. The rise of the power of Labour Party members who are a greater reflection of the masses than a tiny minority of very rich individuals. The break up of the one party state as Labour has parted from ‘The Tories’ and is almost united in offering something completely different. Big corporate donors with vested interests turning their back on The Labour Party, while ordinary members clear Labour’s debt. Just over a year ago this would have all seemed like a pipe dream, or even impossible.

Having a real left-wing opposition has forced the Tories into putting power before principles and has forced them into making concessions, in an attempt to hold onto their shaky grip on power. They have talked about borrowing to invest in housing and transport, intervening in energy markets and abandoning their debt clearance target of 2020. They have subsequently admitted their long-term economic plan wasn’t essential, that it was a manufactured necessity and Corbyn was right the whole time. Not bad for someone who is “unelectable”.

All this isn’t happening by chance, it’s happening because of the threat of socialism gaining popularity. They think they can give us just enough to shut us up, because they can see that times are changing and the resistance to their tyranny is starting to gain momentum. The elites thought they had put us back in our place forever, controlling their own party and also the party that was traditionally ours. So the establishment asked a question this summer: who owns the Labour Party? The answer came back: not you, mate.

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