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'The Common Prole' by Charlotte Peters Rock

The Common Prole Written to celebrate the rise of The Prole Star. The Common Prole takes up the role That’s foisted on each class The begging bowl – the bell to toll For each prolific mass

Look round – The Proletariat Each country on your worth Enriches all – except yourselves The workers of this earth The Common Prole – of honest goal Is sent to fight and die When armies whole - where fates cajole Below the ground must lie The Common Prole – no grassy knoll Awaits mass labour’s lost The boss class troll – all profit stole Proles die to save the cost The Common Prole – a hardy soul Is always put upon In hewing coal and facing dole Life takes – and then its gone The Common Prole – each cubby hole Of home must now vacate There’s no parole – Take your bedroll By Order of The State The Common Prole must now bankroll Oh don’t take this amiss From wage control and tax control A finer state than this The Common Prole – By flow and shoal Must organise and win Must now enrol – to take control Loss ended – Let’s begin 11Oct2016 Charlotte Peters Rock

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