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Miners Xmas Single Update

This amazing artwork was designed by my comrade-in-arts Kevin Pearson for the forthcoming single ‘Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main’ featuring the assembled Hatfield Brigade choir.

The song will be available to download from all the usual sites from Monday 28th November, and a massive push is underway to get it into the charts for Christmas.

‘Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main’ is being used to highlight the twin struggles of ‘UK Miner’s Pension Scheme for Justice and Fair Play Association’ and ‘We Shall Overcome’, with all proceeds going to a newly-established crisis fund for anyone in the Doncaster area struggling under austerity cuts and benefit sanctions.

I’m also proud the sleeve shows off the iconic headgear of Hatfield Main pit, closed last year after almost a century of graft which saw sons follow fathers underground for generations. There is a campaign working very hard to have these incredible structures preserved as a monument to the coal mining industry, and a reminder to future generations of those who destroyed it, and with it an entire way of life. I hope by that sleeve being shared over and over that we draw support to the campaign, and to the lads and lasses fighting for it.

‘Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main’ is without doubt one of the best songs I have written and I hope you all enjoy it enough to spread the word and help a lot of people into the bargain. A music video and a promo of the recording itself will follow soon, so watch this space!

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