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An open letter to Theresa May.

Theresa May,

I am writing to you regarding what you said at Prime Minister's Questions on the 2nd of November 2016. You said that the Conservatives understand the working class more than Labour. Firstly you and your party are more out of touch with the working class than ever before and also I should tell you that you do not represent my voice and that you fail to understand my friends and I.

If you really understand what it is like to grow up within a working class home, surely you would think twice about cutting benefits for those who struggle the most through the austerity imposed by the Tory leadership. You claim you want a system that is fair, but what is fair about the current situation?

We have more people in in-secure 0-hour contract jobs than ever before; we have people who work over 37 hours per week having to use food banks, because they are in low paid work; which you call the living wage. We have one million people in this country using food banks, compared to 40,000 people using them in 2010. We have sick and disabled people dying under Tory austerity and Neo Liberal policies. I wouldn’t call this a fair society, I would call it a society where only the richest matter.

If you do not see the above as shocking and wrong then clearly you have no morals and no respect for the people who elected you or should I say didn't elect you. I would advise you accept Jeremy Corbyn’s invitation to go and see the wonderful film I, Daniel Blake, so you can actually see the true effects of your policies and view of our society.

The working class people want someone who cares about them and they want someone who can actually run the country. Jeremy Corbyn is the man for the working class and most vulnerable in society. When he’s talking about real problems this country is facing all you can do is laugh and attack him, simply because you have no answers to his well thought out questions.

So please do not refer to me when you say that your government is doing best by the working class and most vulnerable in society. You make me ashamed of this country. Finally I would advise you to change your party's motto as 'a country that works for everyone', simply isn't the case.

Charlotte Persephone Smith

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