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Merry Xmas From Hatfield Main - Miners Xmas Single Taster Video

"A short promotional video for the upcoming charity Christmas single created by Joe Solo and The Hatfield Brigade. The single is being brought to you by UK Miner's Pension Scheme Association and We Shall Overcome, raising money for those enduring hardship in the former pit communities up and down the UK. Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main will be available on all download sites from Monday 28th November and a campaign is under way to make it No.1 on Christmas. The miners and their families feel they have a debt of honour to repay after people from all over the world chipped in to give them a Christmas they have never forgotten during the hardest months of the Strike back in 84. In raising funds for struggling families today, they are saying thank you for the solidarity they were shown back in the day." This is a song sung by a mining community, on behalf of ALL mining communities in solidarity with all those suffering in Food Bank Britain. Please share."

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