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The Red Herring Of Immigration

There is a malaise sweeping the world. A wave of discontent. People working hard, knowing full well that the money is there somewhere, but somehow there’s never enough. People in the lower levels of society have been trying to stand up, but with every step they are knocked down. Down and down, further and further, until they no longer know how to get back up again.

Parents always want more for their children, they want their children to do better, but nowadays, they know that their children are unlikely to achieve a better standard of living. But why?

We know there shouldn’t be food banks in such numbers, we know there shouldn’t be such poverty, but we see it. Somehow, this summer, this malaise was hijacked and used to divert attention from the real cause of the misery. People were given answers.

Those same people who were wondering, why can’t I get a house? Why can’t I get a doctor’s appointment? Why is the NHS so slow? Why can’t I get a job? Why can’t my kid go to the school down the road? Why am I working all hours and still can’t afford to buy food? Everything seemed so out of control.

But then all of those people were given a reason why it’s all happening.

To achieve BREXIT they explained: Too many people were coming in from the EU. Those bloody foreigners who are forcing us to accept their stupid laws, we pay them millions and we get nothing back. We need to close the floodgates, control our borders. TAKE BACK CONTROL

To achieve A TRUMP victory, they explained: Too many people are coming in from Mexico. The government is too corrupt, those government elites are to blame. The muslims are to blame. We need to TAKE BACK CONTROL of our borders and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

But that’s not what was happening. This is what was happening:

Imagine, the Sky is full of green Paper. The largest share of the Paper is at the very top near the stratosphere, the quantities get smaller the lower down you go. Some families, years ago, built big vessels that could get right to the top, so they had the most Paper. Over the years they’ve helped some other people build vessels to get up to collect Paper, but never powerful enough to get up to join them at the top, but high enough - HighFlyers. Anyone flying high enough can scoop the Paper out of the air and use it to fund their glamorous high-flying lives.

The Paper is produced by all the millions of People working away on the ground. They produce the Paper, but as soon as they produce it, it is sucked up into the air way above their heads. The People working below, producing the Paper, get Paper dropped from above to thank them for producing it.

Then, because we get more Paper than most lands, Others come from other lands and want to help produce the Paper.

The more Others arrive, the more Paper flies upwards, but the HighFlyers, just drop the same amount (or sometimes even less) causing those below to scrabble over the Paper, which now has to be shared out between increasing amounts of People and Others.

People are so busy scrabbling around on the ground, that they never think to look up. They see the Paper they produce being sucked upwards and every now again they start thinking where does all the Paper go? Why do I have so little of it?

Just when the People are starting to look up, The HighFlyers give them the answers.

The HighFlyers drop down their news sheets and reporters telling them to look at those Others below them. There are so many of them and they all want what you have.

That's why there's no Paper.

That's why you can't feed your family.

Look at the Others down there!

If there were fewer of them there'd be more for you.

They make sure the People keep looking down, because if they ever look up, if they ever wonder, where is all the Paper going? They might look up and see just how much of their Paper is floating above their heads, just being plucked out of the air by the HighFlyers in ever increasing decadence.

To those people who voted for Brexit and are, even now, waiting for the government to announce how they are going to control immigration,

I know you think you won a great battle and you believe that you have ‘Taken back Control of Britain’

You haven’t, you’ve just given the control to people who are more corrupt and greedier than the foreigners – the HighFlyers.

So, what should we do now we know that immigration is a red herring?

Instead of looking down and complaining that there are too many Others to share the Paper,

start looking up and demand that the HighFlyers contribute their fair share and throw more Paper down.

Or, better still, let's stop throwing so much of the Paper upwards. Let them have what's up there, but why not put a few nets above us to stop all the Paper flowing upwards.

Let’s keep more of the Paper, so that we can build better schools and homes. Let’s help more and more young People learn to build vessels, so that they too can fly high and share in the Paper flying above. Give more People the freedom to use their talents and creativity to keep more of the Paper that they produce.

Let’s give the People more resources so they need less Paper. Let’s think of ways we can all reduce the amount of Paper we need, just to get by. Then we won’t have to scrabble around, fighting for ever decreasing amounts of Paper.

Maybe then People can stop being afraid of Others.

Maybe then People can stop being angry at the Others.

Maybe then People can start welcoming and helping Others instead.

Just a thought.

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