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Miners Xmas Single - It's Coming!

The UK Miners Pension Campaign in conjunction with We Shall Overcome are proud to announce the forthcoming release of 'Merry Christmas from Hatfield Main' raising funds for independent food banks.

Ex-Miners from Hatfield Main - the last pit in the Doncaster area - joined with award-winning singer songwriter (and sometime washing machine repair man) Joe Solo to record the single in Stainforth, right in the heart of the South Yorkshire pit communities.

They were joined by pit men and wives from as far away as Kent and Durham to repay a long-standing debt of gratitude for the Christmas they were given by strangers during the darkest days of the Strike in 1984. They plan to donate all proceeds to helping people struggling to make ends meet in Food Bank Britain.

Les Moore, the Pensions Campaign lead spokesperson said:

"It cannot be stressed strongly enough that although it's from Hatfield Main, it could be from any of the striking mining communities across the UK back in 1984. 32 years ago strangers gave us a Christmas to remember, and 32 years later we are repaying that debt of honour."

The music video for 'Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main' will be launched on Friday 18th November, with the single following on Monday 28th. It will be available on all download platforms.

You can find us at:

Facebook - Merry Christmas from Hatfield Main Twitter- @Miners4No1 .....and please use the hashtags: #Miners4No1 and #FoodBankBritain

Joe Solo & The Hatfield Brigade stand in solidarity with Robb Johnson & The Corbynistas whose festive song 'JC4PM for Me' is fighting the same battle for the same cause. We'd like to encourage people to buy both singles and help as many people as we can together. Best of luck comrades.


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