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One Life At A Time: Miners Xmas Single Is Already Making A Difference

Just want everyone to know this and to spread the word that ‘Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main’ is already out there changing lives.

Yesterday, Pauline Town posted on Facebook to say she had a young couple sleeping rough over in Ashton-under-Lyne who were very vulnerable and wouldn’t make it out there on the streets. For those of you who don’t know Pauline’s work, she runs a pub called The Station which has become more of a community hub and drop-in centre than a bar, and every day she is helping vulnerable people with meals and warm clothes and doing her best to find accomodation for those rough-sleeping. She has an amazing track record and there are literally dozens of people who have had a fresh start thanks to her and the team over there giving them a helping hand in their darkest hour.

This young couple had a glimmer of hope as Pauline had managed to secure the promise of a flat IF she could raise the deposit and a month’s rent in advance. I found this out just before I went on stage in Sheffield last night and told the audience I would be selling CDs and taking donations for this cause after the show. The good people there donated £105.

I spoke to the Hatfield Brigade committee and they agreed that any profits from sales of the promo CDs (after we’d paid for their pressing) should be diverted to Pauline to help toward this and I started to count up all the extra money you good people have paid over and above the £2 price tag….that came to £173 so we had £278 to send.

I posted on Facebook this morning and received a further deluge of orders, one of which (and the wonderful individual involved wishes to remain anonymous) paid £100 for the CD.

I have sent Pauline £479 and have a further £25 since to follow, which covers the deposit and will help towards their first month’s rent. We have secured a flat and on the back of this single and your generosity, and two young people, Anthony and Katie, will be off the streets and into their own flat before Christmas.

Pauline messaged me earlier:

“Thank you – you should have seen their faces when I told them they are safe – just incredible xxx”

This is solidarity.

Please keep sharing this song. There are so many out there like Anthony and Katie who need help and don’t get it in #FoodBankBritain, and these people are often just left to fall between the cracks and slip away.

I tell you this now- not on our watch.

Links to download ‘Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main’ are:




and you can stream on Spotify.

We also have a Just Giving page for anyone who wishes to give a little more than the 79p for the download. We’re raising money for Shelter at:

Music video is here:

We can do this. Together

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