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Hopkins Hits New Low With Vile Tweet

Just when you thought she couldn't get any lower, the revolting Katie Hopkins has outdone herself during the season of goodwill, by taking a swipe at a man spending his first Xmas alone with his children after the murder of their mother - by suggesting that either he colluded with the attack in order to boost the Remain campaign in the EU Referendum, or, that Jo Cox was not murdered at all.

Ms Hopkins, currently under well-deserved attack for sharing the views of neo-Nazi sympathisers on Twitter (for that, at least, she managed a cursory apology - albeit only after being forced) chose the Xmas break - in fact, New Year's Eve, to target Brendan Cox, husband of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox, by sharing content from the 'Truthseeker' website.

She cites a piece which suggests that because Brendan Cox resigned from a job with Save The Children, due to harassment claims: 'The bottom line being that if Brendan and Jo Cox were morally compromised they would be more likely to collude in a false flag event'.

It continues: 'Jo Cox’s murder couldn’t have come at a better time for the Remain campaign. Although there was little sign of blood at the crime scene, coming a week before the referendum her supposed “murder” has given renewed impetus to the Remain campaign. The absence of blood at the scene of Jo Cox’s murder is all the more telling as she is supposed to have been shot and stabbed with a 12 inch blade multiple times. Yet no blood is evident in crime scene photos'

The piece attempts to cast doubt on the event by claiming the gunman, Thomas Mair, was some sort of victim, who was railroaded through the legal system at speed to facilitate sympathy for the Remain campaign.....

'Perhaps that’s why things have moved so quickly. So that aided by sympathy for Jo Cox the Remain vote wins, and before people ask what exactly happened, her murderer is convicted and consigned to life in prison. Where he wont be able to answer any questions about his role in Jo Cox’s murder, if he was involved. Or if indeed she was actually murdered?'

If indeed she was actually murdered?

The Truthseeker site also features numerous holocaust denial pieces, even suggesting gas chambers were not used - listed in its 'essential reading' section - and one claiming that Ian Huntley, killer of Soham schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, was framed.

Oh, and 9/11 conspiracy theories, obviously - and Bilderberg. It belongs firmly in tinfoil helmet territory - but that didn't deter the odious Ms Hopkins.

This is a woman so toxic that even the Daily Mail asks her to apologise. Her Twitter feed is a daily outpouring of hate and vitriol.

A woman who has had her application to join UKIP rejected - several times.

But to add to the grief of a bereaved family, and to do so during a time when they are surely feeling their loss even more keenly, is a new level of vindictiveness even for her.

The Prole Star has contacted Ms Hopkins via Twitter to ask for a comment on why she feels her behaviour is acceptable, but at the time of writing she has been uncharacteristically quiet.

This is not a link, as I wouldn't want to contaminate The Prole Star with such a thing, but if you want to check the tweet, here's where.

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