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… if the right wing of Labour get their way and oust the current leadership, Labour will descend into an unelectable tailspin from which they will never recover. What happened in Scotland in 2015 will be but a foretaste of Labour’s future under a usurping leader and the long term damage will be irreversible. The only people who do not seem to realise this are those people within the right wing of Labour who do genuinely consider themselves Labour ‘supporters’.

The people who have demonstrated time and again that they lack any real political nous through successive election losses, including the disastrous leadership coup this summer, still believe they have their fingers on the pulse of British politics. Just as David Cameron thought he knew what he was doing when he promised a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, Labour’s right wing believe they can waltz their way to power and that the damage they are currently inflicting on the party will not stick to them if they seize control.

Not only will Labour be abandoned by its current membership and grassroots support, those same people will mobilise behind the inevitable new social political party that rises and they will be joined by genuinely socially minded MPs. It will be sad to see Labour’s great history hollowed out by the ambitions and greed of nincompoops but Britain does not need two Tory parties … Britain does not even need one Tory party.

Labour are all but dead in Scotland, in no little way aided by, what turns out, to have been an extremely poor choice of ScotLab leader. That should have been treated as a sure fire sign of the direction that the public DO NOT want Labour to take but our erstwhile numpties of Labour’s right wing just simply do not want to listen.

Because of the internal structures of the Labour party, it should be up to the offices of Labour’s General Secretary and Deputy Leader, assisted by the Whips, to get a grip of wayward MPs within Labour but both offices seem to have become part of the problem and need crucial revision to bring them up to scratch for the party. I hope we see those changes soon, before Labour is spun into exile.

Simple test, if you’re a Labour MP and you’re not opposing the Tories then you’re not doing your job. If you’re a Labour MP and you’re attacking your own party then you’re doing the Tories’ job.

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