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Red Tories Hire Judas Goat To Attack Corbyn

Labour First have hired a full-time henchman to undermine Jeremy Corbyn - but are they telling porkies about their crowdfunding success?

The right wing reds have recruited one Matthew Pound, a member of Streatham CLP, which backed Owen Smith in the leadership contest. To rustle up the necessary pieces of silver, they set up a crowdfunding appeal to cover his salary. Last week they gleefully announced that they were 'within £3,000' of their £40,000 target.

'Over 450 people donated!' said secretary (of Labour First - not just a secretary) Luke Akehurst 'This will hugely increase our capacity as we have previously relied entirely on volunteers'.

He is tasked with 'counteracting' Momentum and making the party 'mainstream and electable' - as to how he will achieve this by launching more internal attacks has not thus far been revealed.

His viewpoint can clearly be seen in the things he posts on social media:

Several crowdfunding platforms operate an 'all or nothing' approach, which means that if a campaign fails to reach its target, it receives nothing. I'm sure that we all hope this is not the case here.

The Prole Star has contacted Labour First asking them to explain their seemingly skewed calculations, but has at the time of writing received no response.

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