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Taxi Protest Gridlocks City

On Thursday 12 January London taxi drivers gridlocked the City of London protesting about the closure of Bank Junction to a iconic 360 year old trade. Our vehicles are built to enable people with disabilities to access places other vehicles can't get to. Transport for London's failure to stand up to Uber has left our streets flooded with 120,000 minicabs, churning out 600 licences a week, With buses stuck in gridlock behind haphazardly driven Uber cars – and with the Tube dangerously overcrowded during peak hours – people are turning out of desperation to commuting by bicycle. Despite its impracticality, there has been an explosion in the number of people commuting by bike. Astonishingly, 30% of road traffic traversing Bank Junction is now cyclists. It is time that TfL refused to licence Uber, which it acknowledges is unlawfully “plying for hire”. It is time that black cabs were recognised and supported as a mode of public transport. It is time that cuts to the Tube were reversed. Our previous mayor Boris Johnson attacked our iconic trade with the blessing of his close friends Cameron and Osborne , whilst they receive donations through the back door of the Tory party. TFL are spending a billion pounds on 3 % of the traveling public in London cyclist, but spend nothing on 5% of people with disabilities traveling by wheelchair, it's a disgrace. After our protest if Tfl and the city don't want to negotiate then there will be more intense action to follow. In solidarity Dave Wallis vice chair RMT London taxi And cousin of the late Bob Crow

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