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The Psychopaths Are Leaving The White House And The Lunatics Are Moving In! War - Just Another Way O

The Stockholm peace institute last November published its research in Reuters news - US armament sales from 2008- 2015 are up 54%, the highest since the second world war.

They also conclude that the all time high in armament exports is in large part due to consistent lobbying in the White House by the armament manufacturers.

The institute went on to say that "since 2015 US armament exports are up 36%" Compare this to a 12% rise of armament exports by Russia.

From 2013 to 2015, armament exports by the US equated to $81 billion in sales!

The top five countries receiving exports from the US. . Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan. (Statistics by US Department of Defence! )

The most shocking statistic was that last year the USA dropped 26,171 bombs in seven countries in the middle east.

Raytheon Corporation, a major US armament manufacturer, disclosed their export sales in a article in Reuters. From 2008-2015 a staggering $7.5 billion in armament exports. Well folks we can find money for Tomahawk missiles!

Another US armament manufacturer/contractor Lockheed Martin announced a increase in sales in the same period - up 74% to $9.5 billion. Well folks we can also find money for hellfire missiles and fighter jets!

Boeing Corporation and Northwood Grumman, two more US armament manufacturers, had total sales of $12.7 billion in exports.. There are big bucks to be made from murder - the living are way too expensive!

Daryl Kimball, the executive director of The Arms Control Association in Washington, commented in Reuters News in November.

"The politicians and armament manufacturers are not paying sufficient attention to who they do business with, through their actions they are destabilizing various regions of the world"

This is putting it politely, as they know full well who they are doing business with! What I find amusing is that President Obama won the Noble Peace Prize! Staggering!

So what of Trump?

Well his tweet on the 22nd of December of last year says it all:

"The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time the world comes to it's senses over nukes"

Some chance of that - Trump is part of the cartel of profiteering from death.

Certain economic analysts have already confirmed that under Trump armament sales will increase tenfold!

Reuters reported that on Wall Street armament manufacturers shares hit life time highs after Trump's election victory.

Inside information maybe, has Trump tipped them off? Must have sent them a Tweet!

In a recent article in Reuters, independent analysts also gave a ten year projected forecast of armament sales. In the next ten years 2017-2027, it is estimated that 150 billion to 900 billion. will be spent on armament sales. Staggering insights from Reuters who are hardly a news agency associated with the left.

Rick Perry, the incoming Energy Secretary in Team Trump, has more good news. More nuclear testing and weapon modernization!

How can it be that the incoming Trump administration can find record amounts of money for weapons of mass destruction, but when it comes to investing in life they have got no money?

The recent report by National Economic and Social Rights Institute(NESRI) is very sceptical about the incoming administration.

Wholesale changes will be made to health care in the US and savage austerity measures are anticipated, which will affect a large section of the American population. Medicare is earmarked for budget cuts and privatisation.

These measures, according to NESRI, will take 30 million Americans out of health care provision.

Additionally the Trump administration are proposing to abolish The Affordable Care Act (ACA). This will price a further 22 million Americans out of health insurance.

NESRI estimate that tens of thousands of Americans will die through these savage proposals by the Trump administration. See full report here.

Cuba recently sent a team of medics to Chigago to help the failing health service in the US "free of charge". Socialism in practice, setting a example to the rest of the world.

So what choice did the American people have in the recent elections?

On one hand you had Trump who is a product of the establishment. But when he takes office he will bring with him his own establishment. Trumps appointment to the Head of the Treasury is a fine example - Steven T.Mauchin is a hedge fund manager on Wall Street. Is this appointment a illustration of Trumps definition of anti-establishment?

Clinton was supported and bankrolled by the current corporate class in the US and abroad. The worlds largest ten armament manufacturers supported Clinton's Campaign. Clinton's campaign manager was a official registered agent of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have had direct links to funding the Clinton Foundation, a so called charity (Clinton retirement fund,maybe). Saudi Arabia and Qatar also have direct links to funding ISIS in the middle east which is creating division and instability.

WikiLeaks exposed Clinton for her true colours - leading US establishment figures wanted Julian Assange of WikiLeaks charged with treason. The word treason confirmed the validity of these emails Definition of treason "To betray one's country" The damage had been done for Clinton.

Her saving grace, potentially, is that Trump as a candidate was not much better!

Bernie Sanders of course would have been a more credible candidate for the Democrat party. Bernie had substantial grass root support amongst huge sections of the American electorate. The primary elections for the Democrat leader were controversial to say the least with evidence of foul play. The corporate class needed Clinton so Bernie had to go.

Clinton - a true representative of the working classes! Sitting on the board of Walmart, a corporate giant known for mass exploitation of workers. You could not make it up!

So who are the some of the current players on Team Trump?

Well, his brother in law Jared Kushnar is Trump's Chief Advisor. He will advise Trump on middle east policy. Jared makes annual donations to Israel through his business interests. Jared is a property tycoon and a publisher of the Observer. A conflict of interest maybe?

The new Secretary of state Rex. W Tillerson. What are his credentials? President and Chief Executive of Exxon Mobile. A multi-millionaire - clearly anti-establishment. His goals are to explore oil drilling and fracking in Siberia.

Jeff Sessions from Alabama is the new Attorney General. A throwback from the racist deep south. When it comes to gay rights and immigrant status he wants to narrow democracy, not broaden it.

The turnout of the elections reflected the apathy of the American population. Both main parties offered very little to the American working classes, apart from corruption and race hatred. This reflected voter turnout with just 55% of Americans voting.

Clinton received 65,250,000 of the popular vote. Trump received 62,686,000 of the popular vote. Others received 6,464,094

A staggering 120 million Americans did not vote - hardly a healthy mandate in a democracy.

John Pilger a real journalist with great integrity, gave us a comprehensive and sobering analysis on the US elections. A must see interview!

So in the circus of US politics Trump will become President. But hold on - Clinton received 2.5 million more popular votes than him - how can this be in a democracy?

The answer is the Electoral College, which ultimately decides who becomes President. 538 electors from the electoral college decide the final outcome. Many US states are campaigning for the Electoral College to be abolished as it puts a stranglehold on democracy.

The popular vote means nothing and any third party wishing to stand a presidential candidate is wasting its time - the Electoral College only permits Democrats and Republicans in the voting process.

A third Independent party based on grass roots politics is essential in the US. The corporate class bankrolled the two main parties.The corporate media circus only promoted the debate between the two main parties. Many US states refuse to allow public debate unless it is Democrat or Republican.

Jill Stein was the Presidential candidate for The Green Party. Jill was refused entry in the first Presidential public debate. The police were called to her subsequent protest. The 'land of the free' is just a illusion.

Bernie Sanders was the most radical Democrat candidate in decades. But of course the Democratic Party machine had to remove him. Many socialists wanted Bernie to stand as independent but he sadly declined.

Were there any positive developments in the US elections?

The Green/Socialist Alternative Alliance, with no corporate backers, conducted a fantastic campaign. Building grass roots movements in working class communties was the key. Social media was the only real outlet to get the anti-austerity message out - the mainstream media in the US gave no real coverage of the campaign.

Jill Stein/Ajuma Baraka/Kshama Sawant stood on a united front on the anti-corporate ticket. They polled nearly 1.5 million votes, even though many states quite conveniently left them of the ballot paper.

The Green/Socialist Alternative Alliance encouraged large sections of working class people to be actively involved in politics. Socialist ideas began to resonate in many US communties.

The real work starts now for many activists - for them now it is essential to build on the momentum. The status quo that is promoted by the corporate elite must be challenged!

Kshama Sawant from Socialist Alternative was elected as a city wide councilor in Seattle in 2013 - the first real socialist councillor to be elected there since 1916. Kshama took legal action against the Washington Secretary Of State in 2012, and secured the right to be on the ballot paper as a Socialist Alternative candidate.

Her popularity has sent shockwaves through the American establishment. Kshama secured and legislated a $15 dollar a hour minimum wage in Seattle - the highest minimum wage in the US. She is now campaigning to legislate a nationwide increase. Over 80% of Seattle citizens supported her campaign.

Kshama quite rightly points out "Acheiving the minimum wage was due to the organization of workers at grass roots level" Big business had no choice but to accept the legislation - the solidarity of Seattle citizens is a great example of people power!

Recently Kshama introduced new legislation calling on Seattle council to boycott dealings with the Wells Fargo bank. This was in protest to the banks involvement with the funding of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Abby Martin from the Empire Files interviewed Kshama recently. A great journalist and broadcaster, whose research on International affairs is playing a vital role in re-addressing the balance of the bias corporate media.

The psychopaths are leaving the Whitehouse and the lunatics are moving in! The main stream politicians in the US have been placed in a straitjacket, and pulling the straps are the corporate elite.

In the UK we have a real alternative with Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour party in the UK has over six hundred thousand members, the largest in its history, and a testimony to the direction the party is going.

A transitional socialist program has won the hearts and minds of the masses, and the foundations have been laid for a more comprehensive socialist program. The grass roots of our party are showing real people power.

Tony Blair like Clinton was in bed with the corporate class - Jeremy Corbyn does not sleep with the class enemy.

All socialists should stand on a united front with Jeremy, because the establishment are sharping their knifes for further attacks - and the Blairites will forever conspire with the establishment.

Socialist ideologies do not fit the narrative of the British establishment - the established order need to maintain a more manageable democracy.

Brothers and Sisters we have no need for to be compliant - the advancement of our movement is vital.

The political circus of the USA is not a prototype I would want to subscribe to!

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