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The Supreme Court Rules That Theresa May’s Is Not The Word Of God Or That Of Monarch

So the Supreme Court has ruled that Theresa May will have to take the decision for triggering Article 50 to Parliament to vote on. Which is nice but means very little has actually changed. The Tories can still waltz their ‘brexit’ mayhem through, even if every single other MP in Parliament votes against it.

For me, the importance of today’s decision is not that it will disrupt our lurch towards leaving the EU, because it won’t. Today Britain had it confirmed for us that the Tories proffered the EU Referendum as part of their 2015 election campaign and nobody raised its legitimacy. I’ll grant you, nobody thought Leave would win, not even those who would eventually campaign for Leave, but, surely, someone somewhere should have looked at the proposal from David Cameron and said it was a crock of the most odious bullshine?

It says much for the state of ‘commentary’ of our punditry that none of them had a clue. Not that that has shifted them from the sofas and salaries that they are welded to. Anyone noticed a change in the line up of political commentators since 2015? How about the spin merchants? The only reason why Labour have some new faces is because of the leadership stepping out of the neoliberal shadows, not that the remnants of Labours passed don’t still get trotted out to bash the new leadership and sit on the sofas of the same old commentariat.

Our media will do its damnedest to misdirect the British public to believe that the current Labour leadership are somehow responsible for Britain leaving the EU. The Labour leadership position is clear, whatever the flaws, the EU Referendum was a democratic decision taken by Britain’s voters and should be respected. As much as I disagree with the Leave victory, I agree that it is a vote that should be respected.

It is one vote. Does it mean that Britain should never again darken Europe’s door? No. Does it mean that I believe that the referendum should have been presented to British voters? No. Do I believe that the irresponsibility of the Tories makes them fit to govern? No. Are the Tories fit to lead Britain out of the mess that the Tories have created? No.

Then there’s the matter of Gina Miller and why it was left up to whomever she is to hold the government partially responsible for their actions. What on earth is that about? I stand with any MPs who applaud her actions but I don’t want to hear any MPs crowing about what other MPs haven’t done to oppose the Tories over ‘brexit’ because THEY didn’t bring Miller’s case against the government either.

I also hope I’m wrong about the significance of the decision today by the Supreme Court, I hope it is the catalyst that challenges absolutely the Tory vision and exploitation of ‘brexit’. If it is then I hope that we remember that credit goes to the figure of Gina Miller. I hope that one day a statue of Gina Miller will be raised on the site where the current edifice of Margaret Thatcher looms.

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