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My Experience Of The NHS

My experience of the NHS? Last week (Wednesday) I woke up with a very painful shoulder. I couldn't get an appointment for that day with my GP so went to a walk in centre and they suggested I go to A&E which I did.

I was there for possibly an hour before being triaged, sent straight away for an Xray on my shoulder and given the results within 20 minutes. They said I had calcification in my shoulder that was pressing on a nerve and prescribed painkillers. In A&E for less than 2 hours, seen by professional and caring staff. I was advised to go and see my GP for pain management.

I got an appointment with my Dr the next day. He gave me stronger painkillers (morphine is the bomb!) and said I needed an injection in my shoulder but it would need to be ordered and he booked me an appointment for the next day.

I went the next day and was given the injection. My Dr said that something had shown up on my shoulder Xray and that I needed to go for a chest Xray. No appointment needed so I went to the hospital that evening (Friday) and was in, Xrayed and out within less than 20 minutes (which meant no payment for parking!).

I received a call from my Dr's surgery on Monday to go in and see them the next day. So on Tuesday this week I was informed they're was an anomaly on my Xray and I could possibly have lymphoma. The Dr told me this in a very caring way and checked I was OK before I left the surgery. She made a referral to the hospital as I left.

I received a phone call that evening from a blood consultant to ask me to come in the next morning at 9am.

I went to see him, he wasn't convinced it is lymphoma but he showed me a mass in my chest on the Xray. I was sent for bloods and to make an appointment for a CT scan. I was called in straight away for bloods and while in there my friend was given an appointment for my scan that same evening!

So here I am now, Thursday morning, just over a week later, all tests done and just waiting for results which I'm sure I'll be told asap.

I know not everybody has the experience of the NHS that I've had but all I can say is I am so proud, grateful and amazed by our NHS and how quickly they've dealt with me this week and it breaks my heart that this Tory government want to destroy this???

I'm sorry for the long post but I'm so sick of hearing about the negatives of our NHS when I've had such a positive experience and whatever the outcome I have faith that I will be treated with dignity and professionalism by all the hard working staff I'll meet.

Thank you for reading.

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