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The New Labour Files: Ed Balls

Edward Balls at university joined all three political associations, Tory,Liberal and Labour. Should we have stopped him voting in the Labour election campaign for been involved in different organisations?

Hypocrisy springs to mind. Edward was a chief witch hunter and conspired to stop thousands of members voting in the Labour Party elections.

At Oxford University he joined The Steamers - this was a all male drinking group. The picture above is from that period, with Ed dressed in a Nazi uniform.

He worked for the Financial Times as a economics writer before the Labour Party opened its doors to him in Blairs New Labour project.

He is married to another New Labour disciple, Yvette Cooper. During the expenses scandal, eye brows were raised, allegedly, when a joint claim was made for 24 thousand pounds by the couple. To pay for a second mortgage in their London home, allegedly.

His brother Andrew Balls is head of the European Investment firm PIMCO dealing with shares and bonds. Its hard to imagine that Ed comes from a socialist/working class background. but he says different.

Between 1988 to 1990 he was a teaching at Harvard University. On the syllabus, The role of agent provocateur in the Labour movement, maybe?

In 2013 he attended the Bilderberg Group Conference. His mate George Osborne kept him company.The Bilderberg Group is a very secretive Corporate Club to say the least - what a honour it is to be a subservient of the global elite. The Bilderberg Group are accountable only to themselves, exempt from public scrutiny.

He has not been shy about his opposition to Corbyn, although attempts to undermine Jeremy in Parliament failed miserably. Interviewed on Sky News he stated he 'would not serve under Jeremy'.

Another New Labour/establishment stooge bites the dust. He had his differences with Blair it is true, and opposed the Iraq war. But he was still part of The New Labour experiment.

Strictly speaking Edward , stick to dancing. Hopefully it's the final waltz for you in our great movement.

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