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Wake Up And Smell The Corruption

OK, here's my morality rant for today. Firstly, we in the UK are British not American. The UK is not a State of the USA, despite what Theresa May, Offal Osborne, Jokey Hunt, Buffoon Boris, or even Loony LaFarage or Nutbag Nuttall think.

The people I have named are profiteering from you. They are stripping Your country of its assets. Our country. My country. The most worrying thing is the majority of people truly do not care. They will glance at this or any other political post and then either go find a video of some fluffy kitten, car crash, or even just post a pic of their omelette.

We can write what we want but only in reality reach the same audience every time. Yes, that makes this post somewhat superfluous, however what we need to do is keep slogging at it. Keep posting, on the offchance something will strike a nerve somewhere. Something will awaken people to what is going on.

I truly am frustrated and to be honest, at the end of my tether with the corruption, immorality and yes, evil, that is our government. In the sixties Profumo brought down governments, ended careers and more. That was over a politician with a 19yr old model. Since then we accept allegations of child abuse and killing daily. How in 50 years has our morality changed so very much?

We all grew up with an NHS. I know I used it as a child and even more now. But soon, people's inactivity will mean it has gone. We will be in a country where the vulnerable will not be able to afford care. Where the rich will profiteer from illness.

In the sixties we almost eradicated rickets but guess what? Its back. Why? Because families cannot afford a balanced diet anymore. That simple. Food banks? When did they become acceptable? Do you not get it?

Well you probably do, because if you read this far, you are likely not rushing off to find a pic or video of a kitten. Things have to change. And the problem is that every day we allow our morality to slide, change gets that bit harder, the corruption, abuse, fraud becomes a bit more acceptable. This has to stop now.

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