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Fake News

I believe it is truly important that we the people begin to recognise fake news. For instance, if I were to have claimed to have won the lottery or cured the common cold it would be 'fake news'. A lie. Maybe these lies seem unimportant, even harmless, but if I then get you to loan me money or take some drugs based upon those lies then they are a little more sinister.

Sadly, we currently live in a society where the main sources of knowledge lie to us on a daily basis. From statistics on how much money the disabled cost us, or how little money tax dodging trillionaires cost us, to who our friends are and who are our enemies.

Most of us see the poor, weak, vulnerable, those with different skin, less money, a different god, different language, different clothes, different lifestyle, different beliefs as foes. Why? Because daily we are lied to in order to raise our suspicion, our fear, our anger and yes our hatred.

What on earth would make the press and our government do such things? Surely this is a lie itself? Why would they? The simple answer is distraction. They want you to focus upon those that cannot fight back because it suits them. If you look the other way, you do not notice their fraud, their corruption, their indiscretion, their thievery, their abuse, their sadism, their hatred, their contempt, their arrogance, their murder.

Oh Jonesy you are being dramatic aren't you? But ask yourself, am I really? Every day new corruption, new nepotism, new greed is uncovered, yet we just ignore it. We allow these base creatures that govern to continue to control our lives despite our knowledge of their continuing crimes. We allowed a prime minister that f#*ked a pigs head to stay in power. Where are their morals? Where are ours?

The British used to be known for a stiff upper lip, but now we are a nation of subservience. We once led the world in human rights, yet now we have given almost all away. We were seen as that little country that stood against evil, yet now we are once again the evil in this world.

Not only do we kill, maim and bomb abroad in the name of profit, we starve our own. We put our people out on the streets, whether old, frail, disabled, sick or even those that fought and were maimed allegedly protecting our freedoms in those unjust wars.

We have no voice, and now even if a news source reports something that awakens our discontent, the government are proposing to jail their reporter for fifteen years.

I grew up in a country that had fought against nazism, hatred and murder for six long desperate years. I listened to first hand accounts from soldiers, sailors, airmen, firemen, factory workers, farmers, and family that lived through that time. That lived through the great depressions, a time where our country was flat broke, where rationing was daily life. Where kids never saw bananas and rarely had sweets. Where people had to cower under tables at night just to try to survive.

Those years where every day you would hear of friends or family dying. Entire streets wiped out. Yet those are the days that gave birth to our 'National Health Service' and National Insurance, a policy we paid in to which protected our future not filled the pockets of corrupt bankers. This was a time when there was an excuse for true austerity, yet the country flourished. No one died of starvation.

Despite the bombing houses were rebuilt and few were homeless. Our soldiers were treated with the respect they earned. Our people were grateful for the friendship of the Indians, the Pakistani, the Africans, the Canadians, the Poles, the Russians, the French, the Chinese, the Flemish, the Norwegians, the Dutch, the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh, the English and yes even the Yanks.

It was a time where we were forgiving of the ordinary German, even the brutal Japanese were given our support and aid. We this small nation rose from the ashes of war with hope as the new motto.

Now however corruption is our new master. We do not fight hatred, abuse, racism - we as a nation seem to embrace it. People are excusing racist comments about Dianne Abbot because she has 'brought it on herself' for standing up against racist doctrines that are embedded in our Establishment and new beliefs.

We are currently governed by a despicable woman who hands national contracts out to a company controlled by her own husband's hedge fund. A woman that embraces war and vile regimes. A woman destroying our infrastructure and NHS, a woman stripping us of not just assets, but the very rights our ancestors fought and died for us to have.

We accept it. This is not fake news. Fake news is 'Austerity', fake news is 'fear', fake news is terror attacks', fake news is 'we will not sell off the NHS' fake news is 'the Conservatives care about you'! Do you get it yet? I truly hope so. Jonesy.

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