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The Left Has A Job To Do: Organise And Fight Back

Against Corbyn, the socialists and the anti austerity movement there is the huge machine of the establishment and their bought and paid for fifth column in the Labour movement.

Socialism and democracy will win through though because hundreds of thousands already consciously support it and millions more will once we can get the message across.

However to guarantee victory we must raise our level of activity and organisation effectively. There are different spheres of work that those serious about the ideas of socialism and democracy must specialise and work in.

There is work organising support for demonstrations and strikes.

Work intervening in trade union branches and starting to rebuild the stewards movement in the workplace.

Work in the local constituency Labour parties taking up positions and challenging the corrupt fifth column.

Work developing social media networks.

Intervening at elections, the list goes on...

It will require greater self sacrifice and greater self discipline.

It is hard, unglamorous, laborious work but far more important than any work leaders or would be leaders will or wont do.

There are half a million plus Corbyn supporters outraged at the perpetual disloyalty of those self seeking individuals of the fifth column in the Labour movement, who have undermined Jeremy since day one of his leadership and will not stop until he is brought down.

Only one thing can stop this and that is us getting organised and fighting back.

Whether they are from the Parliamentary Labour Party, the unaccountable right wing trade union bureaucracies or the Labour party apparatus, controlled by the place man and general secretary Iain McNicol, the fifth column cannot be allowed to get away with this any more

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