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Bullingdon Broadcasting Corporation: Through The Keyhole

Who am I? My father was a venture capitalist in the Seventies. He worked for Coats Paton, promoting the clothing sweatshops of Brazil,India,Peru,Columbia and Ecuador, to name but a few countries.

This aspiring company took advantage of favourable market opportunities, ignoring of course the protection of workers rights. Later on in his career he was a non-executive director of Standard Life and a executive for Scottish Power.

My grandfather Lord Robertson was a high court judge.

My sister Joanna works for the Conservative Party as a High Commissioner to Mozambique and a former head at the British Embassy in Lisbon. My brother works for the Conservative Party as a civil servant in the Department Of Communities and Local Government.

The person in question was the former business editor for ITV and worked for Newsnight until her Conservative chum Mr.Harding promoted her. The person in question assisted the plotters in the Labour Party Coup by arranging the resignation of Stephen Doughty to be screened live on The Politics show.

The person in question was caught out by her employers in the BBC trust. She was guilty of breaking the impartiality and accuracy guidelines.

The person in question was telling porky pies about Jeremy Corbyn.

But the person in question got away with it. After all her employers, like herself, don't like real socialists.

The BBC after all are subservient to the corporate class so its in their interests to destroy Corbyn.

I am sure the friends of the BBC in Labour Progress will assist them further in future purges against Jeremy and real socialists.

But that is a another story.

My name is Laura Kuenssberg. Proud to represent the establishment. Proud to promote fake news (allegedly)

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