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What Happened To The Pride Of Britain?

Truly am confused. I mean here we are, British, the people descended from those brave souls that fought and died to gain their children, children's children etc.... the rights to make life bearable, livable, survivable.

We the nation that began a union movement to protect workers from cruel, corrupt masters. We the country that led the way in ending slavery (yes, but I also recognise, the country that were the most prolific slavers for generations).

We the country that supposedly parented a reborn democracy akin to how the Greeks envisioned it.

We the country that stood against Hitler and his evil, (despite our Royal Family supporting him and his policies of genocide and killing off the weak, disabled and vulnerable) where our parents and grandparents believed they were standing against evil to defend the rest of the world, practically alone for over a year before the Japanese made the huge gaffe of bombing Pearl Harbour, and Germany made the mistake of allying with the Japanese and declaring war upon the USA.

We a nation with an ingrained history of standing up whether rightly or wrongly for what we believed was moral and right.

So why confused?

Because now we are submissive, allowing truly cruel, corrupt and immoral masters to steal our rights from us. Those very same rights which were won for us by spilt blood. They steal food from our children's mouths, roofs from our heads, heat from our bones. These vermin have robbed us blind for years now in order to make themselves and their mates richer and more powerful.

We the British nation can no longer be proud of our strength, our morality, our fortitude, or even our backbones, for we as a nation have rolled over and are now playing dead. Ignoring this evil that has laid waste to our health service, our safety net, our country. These creatures that have turned us against each other to distract our attention from their greed and criminality.

When in the recent past would any nation that sees itself as civilised allow a prime minister who shagged a dead pigs head continue? Another who gives away national assets to not only her friends but to a company managed and owned by her own husbands hedge fund?

Why do we accept a chancellor that makes jokes whilst stripping money and security away from the weakest and most vulnerable?

Is this how are nation, our generation will now be remembered? Are we the weak minded and feeble sheep?

It truly seems we are. This needs to stop. We need evolution or revolution now. Change must happen. You all know this in your hearts. Surely?


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