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Tom Watson - Two Star Tory

In attacking an organisation whose stated aim is to support the elected leader of the party he represents, Tom Watson has made his position as deputy leader untenable - he must resign.

The intent behind Watson's disgraceful slur on Momentum is unclear, but theories include:

1. He was deliberately trying to influence the democratic election of the Unite General Secretary.

2. He was deliberately trying to destabilise and undermine Jeremy Corbyn, at a time when Labour is preparing for a byelection and local council elections.

3. He was trying to paint Momentum as a bogeyman to be feared in order to potentially discredit their candidate for the Gorton byelection.

4. All of the above.

Whatever his motivation, the cuckoo has finally shown his true plumage - and needs to be summarily ejected from the nest. An attack on Momentum id de facto an attack on the Labour leader, and it is unthinkable that he should remain as deputy.

Several months ago, the Prole Star ran two polls, asking whether voters thought that Jeremy Corbyn should withdraw the whip from Watson, in light of his continued and co-ordinated attempts to damage the leadership.

Far from being targeted at the 'converted' we took pains to spread the polling over as wide a range as possible across Facebook and Twitter. These were the results.

If Watson considers Momentum to be a threat, it is only to his own agenda. None of his bile is directed at the 'moderate' faction groups - and if Labour is divided, here's where it's happening.

The incestuous brew of Progress, Labour First, Saving Labour, Labour Roadmap, Labour Tomorrow, (Labour-A-Week-On Wednesday for all I know!) are too busy jostling over who's to land the next punch on Corbyn to consider what their obligations as purported Labour supporters ought to be.

I don't know how old most of these 'faithful Labour supporters' are, but heads up - believe it or not, there have been times (indeed in the recent past) when the party we support may not have been led by the person we would have chosen. It's called democracy.

Nevertheless, in spite of byelection candidates we have picked, in spite of NEC maneuverings which we condemn, in spite of efforts from, of all places, OUR OWN PARTY, to destabilise and undermine Labour - we have continued voting, campaigning, supporting and working towards a Labour government.

If Tom Watson cannot do the same - he must go.

If Tom Watson cannot support the leader he shared a platform with - he must go.

For a man who accepted £500,000 from the fascist son of the fascist Oswald Mosley to accuse loyal Labour and Momentum members of trying to damage our party is beneath contempt.

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