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We Live In Dangerous Times...

OK, we are now in the run up to what likely is the most important general election in our history. Why? You may well ask. OK, well here goes.

We currently are living in possibly the most dangerous times ever in the life of this planet.

We have some truly bizarre megalomaniacs in charge of countries that are intent on rattling nuclear weapons not sabres, and no one with any common sense in a position to influence them. Our own government with the unbelievably dishonest leader following Donald Quackers Trump down a path to all out war, whilst she holds onto his arm to steady and reassure him that his psychotic visions are reality.

This same woman Theresa the Terrible now openly waging war on the weak, the sick, the elderly and the disabled in our country. She commented on the radio yesterday how she will be supporting only those that put something back into the country. Well that to me stinks of the same rhetoric Hitler and his cronies used in 1936.

This same foul woman is currently flying in a helicopter (funded by us) with a hundred strong security detail (funded by us) to a closed meeting of like minded corrupt Tories (yep funded by us) to bolster her support of the elite in the upcoming election. She is doing this whilst we have people dying in poverty on our streets at levels akin to Victorian England.

Her government are seeking to strip our country of its entire infrastructure in order to begin making a profit for the likes of her own husband and the already super rich. She has (as did her predecessor the pig lover David 'Porky' Cameron) been waging a war of attrition against the disabled, the sick, those who cannot work, those that are homeless.

She and her mates (who own the majority of the press and have full control of the BBC ) continue to bombard us with propaganda and lies making us believe that those who cannot work due to illness, disability or economic decline in their areas of life are draining and defrauding our country. Shall we just consider that?

Well, since Brexit negotiations began, major employers are everyday announcing closures and losses. Before that the Tories sold our industry out to China, France, Germany, India this list is finite but only if we name every country that will provide poor quality service but cheaper.

The North East has been devastated by the loss of the ship builders. Contracts for Royal Navy ships are being placed with India. It's not that long ago that all Indian Naval vessels were built at Cammell Laird.

Who caused the alleged economic crisis? The poor? Nope, the super rich bankers. We bailed the fraudsters out instead of sending them to prison and within a year they were giving themselves huge bonuses again whilst we now, several years on, live under a fake 'austerity'.

This is a huge smoke screen that the Government have raised to enable them to steal our assets (the things the UK people own such as the NHS, local authority services, power industries and even now policing and social services, they are actually privatising the already too militarised police).

The Prime Minister seems intent on sending our troops into every war zone under equipped and unsupported, whilst training the elite regiments to fight our own people on British streets. Remember Peterloo? If not read up on it.

If we want any future for our children we need to stop Theresa May and her extremely corrupt government, their establishment and the super wealthy now. We cannot afford to allow them to continue.

People say Labour cannot win, well if you all continue to believe the lies and propaganda that's thrown at you daily by every mainstream media outlet, then you're probably going to be proven right. If you see Corbyn as weak because you're told to then possibly. But if you look behind the misdirection and untruths that Goebbles would have been proud of then maybe you will start to think for yourselves.

If Corbyn and labour are no threat to them then why are they not giving him a level playing field? Why do they feel the need to restrict his access to the media?

Why do they fear us socialists?

What does socialism mean?

Well to me it means fairness, truth and real social justice. It means economic growth. It means no more war mongering to appease the greedy. It means a better way of life for our kids and a future for us all.

I am sure there will be those that disagree and trash my views. So be it but if just one of you opens your ears, eyes and then minds maybe it was worth me writing this.

Thanks for reading this far. Jonesy

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