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What Do We Do Now?

So there we have it, a General Election has been called. What do we do now?

Here’s some things to think about when deciding who to vote for.

And yes, we should all be thinking about things deeply, because I believe this vote will change our entire society. This is the time for a real paradigm shift, people.

We finally have the chance to decide how we, as a society, want to live our lives.

We finally have the chance to truly decide whether we want to choose hope or fear, light or dark.

We can aspire to be something better.

All I ask is this,

If you have questions, don’t let the media tell you what to think, do some research of your own, come to your own decisions. We possess the greatest store of all available information, right at our fingertips and yet some people would rather let someone else select what bits they should know and put their own spin on it all.

If you get your news simply from newspapers and television news broadcasts, once or twice a week give other news sources/media half an hour of your time to put forward a different perspective. And vice versa.

Clickable links are in green.

Here are some alternatives to mainstream media that I like to look at:

Another Angry Voice

For NHS matters:

On Facebook:

If you really want to get the answers and want to be thorough, go to the original source of information.

Everyone’s talking about a study/some research/ opinion polls? Go to the source, read for yourself - most studies have a summary page. Read the press releases yourself. Don’t let someone pick the bits they think you should know. In my opinion, when you have two opposing views, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

I’ve no idea what lies ahead, all I know is, the kind of society I want, Theresa May and her acolytes will not strive towards it. Why should they? They’re the ones who will lose out:

●if society is made fairer,

●if we decide to help everyone, not just line the pockets of the few,

●if we start focussing on people instead of profits.

Q: Labour can’t be trusted with the economy. The Conservatives are much better aren’t they?

A: Not according to, who, as their website name suggests, do research on tax/finance matters

"I can’t vote for Labour, look at them, they’re a mess"


"That Jeremy Corbyn…"

Yes, the labour Party is a bit of a mess, but so are the Conservatives. Their MPs are likely to be charged with electoral fraud,

But you’re less likely to hear about this unless you go looking for it.

The Conservatives are still constantly arguing about what kind of Brexit they want, they were arguing in October 2016 and we’ve seen them since then, still arguing.

Whether you like or dislike Jeremy Corbyn, whether you trust or don’t trust Labour.

Simply look around you when you go out. Do you sense that the world around you is a happier, kinder place than 17 years ago? How many times do you avert your eyes or pretend not to see something you know just can’t be right? Ask yourself…

Is society better now, after 7 years of Conservative Government? (yes, the coalition wasthem too). Is it fairer?

If you don’t believe we have a fairer, more caring society now, why would you think thatthings will improve with another 5 years of Conservative rule?

Maybe Corbyn is kooky and weird and a socialist, but at least he has some ideas of how things can be made better.

He has introduced Labour Party policies that paint a picture of the kind of society I want to live in. And even if they only achieve 50% while in power, it’d still be a better place.

See that homeless person there?

Shelter, the UK's biggest homeless charity, estimates over a quarter of a million people without a home in England today

Maybe if the government spent more money on actually helping people and less money on computer systems to make sure that benefit claimants got less, we might nothave so many people homeless.

Maybe if the government had rolled out a programme of building affordable social housing back in 2010, we might be close to having a million more homes to house people who find themselves without a home.

Maybe if the government spent more money on the NHS rather than simply SAYING they spent more money on the NHS, more help would be available to people who are finding life a little bit tough.

Maybe if the government decided to step outside the box and act - hell, maybe if we all step outside of our own bubbles and act those homeless people might not be there.

What if the government had spent less time tinkering with the syllabus and more time dismantling PFIs and the disastrous Academy system, would there be more funding for your child's education? Smaller class sizes? More teachers?

You can find more questions answered in an earlier blog article, it was written for the EU referendum, but most of the issues are still valid now.

So this time, let’s take a breath, spend some time and think about things.

"Don’t like the world we have now?

We have the world our choices led us to.

Let’s just start making better choices…"

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