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Tory Cuts Aim To Purge The Poor

There really can't be any doubt that we are heading back to Victorian levels of poverty and deprivation in this country. We have landlords exploiting tenants on a scale that would make Peter Rachman blush; people, even people in work are relying on food banks to make ends meet; and, worst of all, children are going to school hungry because their parents can no longer afford to feed them.

This isn't electioneering by Jeremy Corbyn - this is the reality of life in Britain for millions of people. The situation that all these people find themselves in isn't the result of a natural disaster, it is the result of deliberate government action.

They want people to be dragging themselves along at subsistence level 'pour encourager les autres', as the French say - as a warning to others that if they aren't prepared to take pay cuts and accept the shoddy, then they will be left to twist in the wind. People in disgusting housing or, worse still, sleeping in the streets is a very potent warning to the rest to keep their noses to the grindstone.

Does anyone really believe that a country as rich as this couldn't find somewhere for the relatively few searingly unfortunate people who are sleeping in city centre doorways somewhere to sleep for at nights? Even the Victorians had the Poor House!

These people are victims of government policy - not just the Tory governments, but Blair's Labour government as well. They have found themselves unable to cope, either due to mental health problems or the never-ending wars that capitalism relies on, or simply the circumstances that they have found themselves in when the support that they relied on is withdrawn.

And, of course, they are dying. I don't suppose anyone will find out how many people have died as a result of the current government's policies - I'm sure that they are hoping it will remain their dirty little secret, like 'los desaparecidos' in Argentina's Dirty War - and I don't think that is a false comparison, I really do believe that their assault on public services, including the health service, is their way of purging the poor, who they see as a burden; if you are no longer any good for their factories, and you have no money, they actually want you to go away and die - there is no other explanation.

Their policy of austerity is utter deceit - if it were necessary for the bottom end of society to be driven into poverty to save the economy, it would also be necessary for the top end to lose some of their disgusting levels of wealth.

They have managed to convince us over generations, by controlling the media - and our minds, to Orwellian levels, that if we don't continue to allow the rich to suck us dry, some unspecified catastrophe will occur.

Jeremy Corbyn is right, the economy is rigged against ordinary people - the next time you walk past someone sleeping in the street, ask yourself just how far you are away from joining them.

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