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A Who's Who Of Tory Stooges

James Harding The Director of News at the Bullingdon Broadcasting Corporation. A ex-Murdoch stooge and Conservative Party supporter.. A proud supporter of the apartheid state of Israel..

When the BBC trust found his golden girl Laura Kuenssberg guilty of mis-reporting and bias towards Jeremy Corbyn, James responded by saying "I respected the opinions of the trust but I do not agree with the trust's findings".

Instead of taking disciplinary action he praised the integrity of his shamed reporter. Laura is definitely integral to the curriclum of The Conservative Party, that's for sure...

Andrew Neill,Dimbleby, Robinson and Kuenssberg are all directly or indirectly linked to the Conservative Party, so of course the Bullingdon Broadcasting Corporation is subservient to its paymasters.

A free license to lie and promote fake news for them. A very expensive license for the viewing public.

We are paying annually for propaganda. Regulation and impartiality are completely void.

Another addition to the motley crew of reporters is Eleanor Garnier. Her dad and her cousin are both Conservative MPs. Do we see a pattern here?

And just this week we had this - undisguised staging on Question Time.

The Bullingdon Broadcasting Corporation a truly corrupt institution

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