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'If You Can't Trash Corbyn, Bin It': BBC Bias Confirmed

A BBC reporter has admitted that staff follow a 'standing rule' of anti-Corbyn bias in their coverage involving the Labour leader, it is alleged.

The claim forms part of an official complaint submitted to the BBC this week by a Manchester man who spoke to the reporter during the Labour leadership election, and highlights the extent of conscious anti-Labour coverage within the BBC.

"She told me in conversation that the standing rule is 'If you can't trash Corbyn - bin it" he said,

"I thought that she was just being flippant at the time, but events since then have proved that she was deadly serious"

"In all outlets of BBC News, TV, radio and online, the coverage of the General Election has been appalling. The difference in coverage of the two party leaders has been remarkable, ranging from, in most cases, fawning respect to Theresa May to the most sustained campaign of hostility towards Jeremy Corbyn that has ever been levelled at any leader in this country by the BBC".

Not, of course, that this is news - to anyone not accepting the spoonfed pap our national broadcaster is spewing out on a daily basis.

In the last week along we have had:

  • The 'planting' of a Tory councillor in the Question Time audience, who - imagine - was 'coincidentally' chosen to ask the first question.

  • A daily dose of slanted tripe dished out by Andrew Neil et al on the Daily Politics, whose 'moodbox' on how current events might affect people's likelihood of voting for the Tory and Labour leaders did not even include 'less' as an option for Mrs May.

  • The barely disguised offerings of Nick Robinson. That's this Nick......

  • And who can forget the constant yapping prejudice of Laura Kuenssberg, surprisingly the only BBC reporter (so far) to have been officially found guilty of inaccurate reporting.

Every policy Labour has announced, every standpoint they have taken - every slip of the tongue has been minutely disemboweled with gloating critique. Every potential negative seized with hyena-like glee. In stark contrast, Tory policy is reported - and not even slightly challenged. No mention of the 'magic money tree' accusations consistently levelled at Labour policies pretty much across the board.

Whatever your political leaning, this is beyond a joke - and I would hope there might even be a few Conservative voters who find such blatant bias as revolting as I do. The government is using the BBC as it's personal mouthpiece, and cannot be allowed to continue this overt manipulation of our national broadcaster.

The Prole Star has agreed not to name the man who has submitted the complaint, but will be following its progress, and is in the process of collating evidence to support a complaint of our own.

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