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Let’s Get This Done, Together!

For the past year, I’ve been pointing out that a PARADIGM SHIFT is approaching.

Yes, we still have media vitriol and bias, yes, BBC News has completely abandoned any vestige of impartiality and yes, Laura Kuenssberg is still fangirling over every Theresa May utterance, but

I believe we are over the TIPPING POINT,

OK I may have been premature last time, announcing this, but thanks in a large part to the Labour manifesto, I believe people are seeing it for themselves. Much of the left-wing media is coming back in support, however grudging, of the Labour Party.

Since Corbyn appeared on the political landscape in 2015, we, the public have been encouraged from all sides, to see him as ridiculous, a figure of fun.

Whenever the public are in danger of seeing him as a serious politician, they open their bag of media tricks to show us their version of the man.

Luckily, now, the General Election allows the Labour Party an equal share of the screen time and the possibility for more people to hear Corbyn speak. To hear the Labour Party vision of society.

The Conservatives know that Theresa May is no match for Corbyn, why do you think she's been hiding away? Why is she terrified to face him?

The more people see him answering complex questions with understanding and nuance, the more people are drawn to the vision of our country that the Labour Party is putting forward.

The more they tell us that Labour is going to lose, the more I believe we can win.

Why? Because they’re still frantically telling us that we can’t.

If there really was no hope of Labour winning, why the continued, relentless, repetition? If Labour was really so dead in the water, why would they need to keep telling us, day after day?

Anyone would think they were actively trying to brainwash people into thinking it’s true. But our honourable press wouldn’t do that, would they?

Many people have lost faith in politics, politicians and the entire system, but when I speak to random people, I am hearing something different.

I’m hearing people talking about their PAST disillusionment, but not any more,

I’m hearing the word hope a lot more.

If you go to a Corbyn rally, the one thing I guarantee you will walk away with, is a feeling of hope, the sense that things can be better. It might only last until the 6 O'Clock News tells you that NO-ONE else is thinking like you. They'll even show you people telling you that there's no way they could vote for Corbyn. Despite the massive crowds, who clearly would.

Now, following the Manifesto launch, you will hear the media going on and on about how the Labour party can’t possibly do all that they say they want to do.

How will they pay for it all?

You know what I think? If they only manage to pay for 25% of it, the UK will be a better place. If they only manage to:

Introduce £10 minimum wage

Ban zero hours contracts

Provide free school meals for primary children

Renationalise the railways

Crack down on tax avoidance

Life would improve for huge swathes of the general public.

Admittedly the richest in our society will bleat and moan, but the way I see it, they’ve milked the system for long enough now. They’ve made enough money from the wholesale disposal of public assets and funds.

I would be prepared to pay more in taxes to pay for a larger Education budget or a larger NHS budget, but, hang on, what’s that? I won’t have to, because I don’t earn over £80,000.

If you don’t earn over £80,000, you won’t have to either.

Maybe for the first time in many years, the poor and disabled won't have to pay a disproportionate share.

And don’t tell me that all of those mega-rich who have made their comfy homes in London and the South East are going to leave the country in droves, that’s rubbish. They may try to get their money out of the country, they will try to use the non-Dom status to protect their assets, but where are they going to go? France? Spain? Germany? Good luck to them, these countries won’t allow them to get away with their tax avoidance either!

We will still have the lowest Corporation tax in the G7,

London will still be London.

So read the Labour Manifesto here

Download it here: Labour Manifesto 2017

Check out how they aim to fund their vision here: Funding Britain's Future

If there’s anything you absolutely disagree with, then vote for the party that you do agree with, but if you read it and this is the society you want.

Fight for that society.

Since when has Britain been the kind of society that gives up when people tell them to?

When someone tells Brits that something is not possible, most Brits I know would answer, why not?

Over the past 7 years, the Tories have stripped people of

their dignity,

their ability to feed their families,

the roof over their heads,

their children’s education,

their public services,

their NHS.

The only thing this Tory government has left us with is our VOTE.

The media don’t want us to use it.


Encourage people to vote, get out on the doorstep, go to a phonebank, get involved in any way, big or small. Do whatever you can to see if we can make our society, just that little bit nicer, kinder, more caring

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