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Theresa May Couldn't Care Less About Our Security - And Her Voting Record Proves It

OK, I wasn't planning on sharing this yet, but I think I need to now. I believe its right to show a little respect to the people of Manchester and suspend campaigning for a little while but it sounds like the fascists are already busy at work trying to use this awful tragedy to win points for Theresa May. I think, under the circumstances, we all need get up to speed on some facts.

As some of you know, I researched into Theresa May's voting history last year and wrote a report. A small part of that report was on national security. Please take into consideration that I wrote this last year when reading this folks...


9th March 2016 / 12th June 2013 / 24th February 2016 / 4th November 2015 / 7th June 2016

In her speech at this year’s Conservative conference, Theresa exclaimed that she wanted to work more closely with our European partners to advance the fight against global terrorism but back in March this year, when there was an opportunity to vote on a proposed European Union Directive on Measures to Combat Terrorism, Theresa May decided she would abstain from voting.

It’s also worth mentioning that back in June 2013, Parliament had a chance to vote in favour of the UK remaining part of the European Arrest Warrant system but Theresa May decided she couldn’t support that motion and voted against it.

Theresa May also doesn’t appear to be too bothered about protecting British Citizens here in the UK because, as recently as February this year when Parliament had a chance to vote in support of the real-terms protection of the police budget, Theresa May decided that she had to vote against it.

Going back slightly, in November last year, Parliament also had a vote on a funding settlement for the police that would maintain frontline services and not compromise public safety but, again, Theresa May decided should wouldn’t support our Police frontline services and voted against the funding settlement.

Recently, while Ms May was still Home Secretary, even the budget for the UK Border Force was slashed by 15 per cent. This, in spite of the fact that the number of people entering the UK had increased by 11 per cent between 2012 and 2015.


12th June 2013: European Arrest Warrant. A vote in favour of the UK remaining part of the European Arrest Warrant system but seeking to improve its operation.

Jeremy: FOR Theresa: AGAINST

4th November 2015: Policing – A vote in favour of a funding settlement for the police that maintains frontline services and does not compromise public safety.

Jeremy: FOR Theresa: AGAINST

24th February 2016: Police Funding, Crime and Community Safety – a vote to support the real-terms protection for the police budget.

Jeremy: FOR Theresa: AGAINST

9th March 2016: Proposed European Union Directive on Measures to Combat Terrorism – vote to support a proposed EU directive on combating terrorism rather than working directly with individual countries and opposing the idea that national security is a matter for individual nations rather than an issue that requires collaboration across EU nations.

Jeremy: FOR Theresa: Didn’t vote

You can check this info. here folks....

And let's not forget Ms DisMay's attempts at cutting funds to the UK Border Force...

Also, apparently, Amber Rudd hasn't ruled out further police cuts. Believe it or not, this article is from 2nd May...

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