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Desperate May's Last-Ditch Secret Weapon - Youtube...

A desperate Theresa May has said Corbyn is '6 seats away from being PM' in a hilarious bid to target the younger vote - by annoying them on Youtube. You know those really irritating ads that you get before your video starts? Well there's a new one...

Following the backfiring of their Google Ads attempt to camouflage the Dementia Tax, the Tories have chosen to give even more money to the tax-avoiding cyber giant, by paying to have viewers forcefed their latest Corbynbashing video on Google-owned Youtube.

I opened Youtube last night to have another look at last weeks Corbyn/Andrew Neil interview, and was met with this cheering sight

The 90 second video, in stark black and white, actually looks more like a computer game trailer than a political persuader, and features a succession of images of Corbyn: criticising NATO and the army, condemning nuclear weapons, calling Hamas 'friends', 'refusing to condemn the IRA'..well, you know the script. It ends with the statement: 'On the 8th June, it's him or Theresa May'.

Switching to some music, I played the Killers - and was met with yet another classy Tory film which, had the Palm D'Or not already been awarded this week, would certainly not have rated a mention. This offering, titled 'Disillusioned Labour voters are turning away from Corbyn' stars clearly staged soundbites from purportedly these same 'disillusioned' voters, parroting scripted 'opinions' on May being better for Brexit, Corbyn not being a good leader, how they always used to vote Labour but wouldn't now...again, you know the script.

This latest move - again, completely devoid of any policy points but simply a personal attack, smacks of desperation. Having successfully alienated huge swathes of their core grey vote with their Dementia Tax and cuts to cold weather payments, the Tories are clearly attempting to engage with the younger vote - and where do you find the 'yoof'? On Youtube, obviously - if it wasn't such a massive illustration of just how out of touch with real people the Tories are, it'd be funny.

Having said not one word urging younger people to register to vote in recent weeks, they have now realised that the vast numbers who DID register probably didn't do that because they intend to put their X next to Conservative on June 8th.

It is typical of the contempt in which Theresa May clearly holds the electorate that she believes they can be fooled by such transparent attempts at manipulation. Perhaps if she ever meets any of them face to face, they could point that out?

One thing she was right about, however. On 8th June, it is Corbyn or her. You know what to do.

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