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Healing Rifts

I’m updating my post from Last year: Angry? I’m not Angry mainly because I feel it is important to send a message to the people within the Labour Party who previously (or still) oppose Corbyn. This is my personal plea.

I think many of those on the left who are so afraid of Corbyn, so against him, are too afraid to dream of a new vision, because they have been let down in the past.

Michael Foot and his Jacket,

Neil Kinnock falling over on the beach

and Ed Milliband…well , I could say the bacon sandwich, but it was lost well before that, no-one was surprised at that one, saddened, yes, but not surprised…sorry Ed, I’m sure, you’re a lovely bloke and all that…

The Labour faithful have had so many years of ‘we thought we had it’ only to find out on election day, we were fooling ourselves.


What all of you fail to realise is that the Paradigm is shifting

We are living in different times. This not then, this is now.

Nothing in our society is the same as it was back then

Except maybe my mother’s inability to co-ordinate colours in her clothing choices

…and Jeremy Corbyn’s principles

I found this picture here: do read this blog too

So to those who are still afraid to dream, I say this:

Remember why that idealistic young person joined the Labour Party.

If you’re one of those who joined during the Blair (the new ‘he who shall not be named’) era and you don’t remember having dreams of social equality, working on behalf of the working classes and properly funded public services,

may I suggest that,

with the utmost respect,

much like fruit in savoury dishes,

the LABOUR party might not be the right place for you.

(what has happened to Liz Kendall anyway?

she was everywhere then whoosh,

nowhere to be seen. I’m worried about her…)

Take courage in the knowledge that: when a Paradigm shifts, all bets are off.

Remember Betamax? Forget that, do you remember Video Recorders?


Exactly, that’s an example of a Paradigm shift.

Down is up, Up is down and right-wing…is still not acceptable in the Labour party…

So let’s move forward together and get rid of the root cause of the despair, pain and injustice in society, the Conservative Party. Let’s each and every one of us, go out and persuade, cajole, badger every person we know to go out and vote for a better vision for our society, for bringing out the best in Britain, not the worst.

Because, if they are fighting so hard to cling onto their paradigm, their way. If they are resorting to dirty tricks,

we’ve already won.

They just don’t know it yet.

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