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A brief statement on today's election results.

With 318 seats, to Labour's 261,and only one seat left to be declared the Conservative Party have lost their governing majority. We at the Prole Star are delighted to see the end of the Conservative Party majority in the House of Commons, and would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn, on an incredibly well-fought campaign, against unprecedented opposition, not only from the Tories, but from within his own party as well.

While it is disappointing to see the Conservatives emerge once again as the largest party in the Commons, we are confident that today's results will allow the opposition to hold the new government to account.

Unfortunately, we can only imagine how much better today's results could have been, if only the many Labour MPs who are now praising the spectacular achievements of their twice democratically elected leader, had stood in solidarity with him from the start, instead of undermining him at every opportunity, and calling him "unelectable".

The new government will have to get to work quickly preparing for the upcoming negotiations with the European Union, and while these negotiations are not expected to end well, with such a powerful electoral performance, Jeremy Corbyn's "coalition of chaos" may yet be able to prevent the most extreme, right-wing Brexit Theresa May had been hoping for. Jeremy, we wish you the best of luck.

Solidarity! #JezWeCan More to follow...

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