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The Celebrations May Have Stopped But The Momentum Must Carry On

So we did much better than the Labour saboteurs & the Tory media predicted & prayed for! Despite all their efforts to destroy Corbyn’s chances, he actually managed to gain dozens more seats!

However, not since the 1983 election, has any labour leader had so much hate filled bile thrown at them from the tabloids & establishment press. Corbyn’s also had to endure lies & false accusations of antisemitism, terrorist sympathising & extremism. All lies & all repeated for the last 2 years on the hour every hour, in print, radio, tv & from the mouths of labour MP’s themselves! Labour MP’s and ‘supporters’ who worked hand in glove with the Tory press to discredit Corbyn.

And these lies constantly repeated with the sole aim of poisoning the minds of the population, the wilful corruption of our democratic process by those with their irresponsible hands on the propaganda machines.

So where do we go from here?

Well we definitely don’t stop and be content with what we’ve got, we have to continue to push forward democratising the party, campaigning locally & nationally, recruiting new members & engaging them in educational meetings & workshops.

Our party has become the biggest anti-austerity party in the whole of Europe & it must keep growing.

The only hope we have of changing society for the better, is through the labour and trade union movement. The Labour Party is our voice in parliament and we can’t afford it to be silenced by individuals within our own party! The swing towards Corbyn’s socialist beacon of hope must be built upon.

The right wing of the party were ready & prepared to use a huge defeat as an excuse for another attempt to oust Corbyn. Equipped with more lies & dirty tricks, they were poised to yet again attack the democratically elected leader. They hate democracy, they hate socialist policies & they are furious with the membership supporting Corbyn, hence the reasons why they were sabotaging the election campaign.

Unfortunately for them things didn’t go to plan. So now they’re hoping Corbyn will sit back & be content with these considerable gains, while the right plot & built for another coup attempt. We cannot allow this to happen. Those who are fundamentally opposed to further democratisation of our party, must be challenged. It’s in their DNA to work on behalf of the capitalist class, so they’ll never stop opposing & fighting socialist & socialism in the party. They are completely out of touch with the membership, labour voters & the country. They have more in common with Theresa May than they do the average Labour Party member!

These right wing Blairite MP’s stand as a brick wall against workers turning Labour into an strong workers party with a socialist program capable of improving all of our lives.

Therefore, as a matter of urgency, a democratic vote must be held at all CLP’s, members need to select who they believe best represents their local area & party membership and who is best equipped to bring to power a real labour government who will prioritise the needs of ordinary working people and not the rich elite and bankers.

It’s completely possible that another general election could be called within the next 6 months. We cannot afford to go into it with backstabbing prospective Parliamentary candidate who refuse to campaign on the party manifesto & if in government will sabotage it. We need a united party, everyone must put their shoulder to the wheel.

The NEC’s behaviour towards new members has been appalling & contrary to everything the Labour Party stand for.

Their blatant attempt to gerrymander the leadership election against Corbyn was a disgrace & must never happen again. Deputy leader Tom Watson and party General secretary Iain McNicol have been a useful asset to the Conservative party with their destructive behaviour & should be removed as soon as possible.

The right wing of the Labour Party have been exposed for what they are, anti-socialist anti-democratic & anti-worker. They’re opposed to democratic control of the Labour Party by the membership & they don’t want democratic control of the country by the population.

Most of these individuals are only interested in being an MP for careerist reasons, to feather their own nests. Hence the reason they are always cosying up to big business, always ‘networking’, they’re thinking of their future career prospects. Just look at how many of them end up on the boards of directors or sitting in the House of Lords!

They’ve been telling us for decades that the mass of the population wont vote for a left wing program, well they’ve been proven wrong. As they were in the 1983 general election when supporters of the Militant tendency stood candidates who saw a swing to them much greater than the national average for labour. Socialist policies are attractive to voters if they’re campaigned on as Corbyn’s manifesto proved.

It was crystal clear that the rump of anti-socialist MP’s in the Labour Party did everything they could to sabotage Corbyn’s attempt at bringing in a labour government, however Corbyn himself refused to expose them & instead kept calling for unity! If he had managed to squeeze past the finish line & put together a government, what does he think these same MP’s would have done to his attempts to implement his program? Without a shadow of a doubt they would have sided with the tories & sabotaged the party’s program.

These so called Labour MP’s need to be called out for what they are, bourgeois collaborators who pretend they are concerned for the welfare of ordinary working men and women, but in reality they’re fighting for the interests of the capitalist class.

Camped inside the Labour Party, not wanted & not needed. Doing everything they can to prevent a Socialist Labour party ever coming to power.

Peddling the same failed policies of Blair & Brown, cosying up to bankers & the city fraudsters & ‘Light touch regulation’ for those who conned the country for billions in toxic trading. Unnecessary PFI deals that will for years rob the country of billions to enrich corporations. Putting the interest of the big capitalist corporations above the population & hoping that we will get the tax revenue. Selling peerages to their mates.

If all of this doesn’t convince you that the Blairites are tied to the capitalist class and their interests you only have to look at the way Blair behaved when sitting alongside George Bush! Everything he pretended he believed in, went out the window!

This is the legacy of the Blair/Brown years, this is what the so called ‘moderates’ want to return to.

We have to do everything we can to resist a return to this failed ideology in our party & push forward towards building a socialist Labour Party that will deliver a socialist government.

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