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No More 'Serenity' - Isn't It Time To Change The Things We Can't Accept

Why do we accept people dying of starvation, of poverty. Children being emaciated and screaming until hunger kills them. People sleeping in the open and being killed by hypothermia, disease or infection.

I spent my life working with people and everyday the frustration rises. I am becoming an angry and embittered man. Yes I am self pitying at my own lot in life, fed up at feeling useless, but more than that I am tired of no longer being in a position to physically help others, to have lost the strength needed to fight for individuals and families each day.

A while back people were hounded out of their homes, estates and even cities for being child abusers. Now though we seemingly knowingly have them running our country with impunity due to law changes and a shift in official 'morality'.

The wrongs in this world are becoming more and more accepted. As technology advances, our knowledge increases but so does our apparent apathy.

Each day we ignore the horrors of daily life. We moan (yes me more than many) of our personal lot in life but pass by without emotion or guilt those with far less than us. We switch over the TV or make a brew whenever pictures of dying and suffering human beings come on the screen. We see refugees and victims of war as herds of pack animals rather than admit they are people.

We accept that here the sick, vulnerable and disabled are seen as a drain and no longer an asset to our economy therefore 'valueless' or even criminally fraudulent.

We allow our 'masters' for that is who continue to govern us rape our country of its value, steal our lives and rob us of our rights to fulfil their own ambition and greed. These individuals, families and corporations hunting our heads as trophies, and we accept it. Destroying our communities and creating a bleak and dismal future for our children and their children.

This is no party political broadcast or sycophantic idealist post. This is just our reality. Our here and now. We are accepting this on a daily basis. Waking up in this world. Knowing this path leads to apocalypse but doing nothing to change it. We are just being driven to an end with no hope.

You wake up with your planned day, breakfast, maybe work, tea (dinner if a Southerner) then soaps or Xbox, facebook then bed. Occasionally a variation upon this or an organised holiday in the sun, fighting with Germans over whose towel inhabits which lounger.

These are our lives in many cases. We chose to be oblivious to any other possibility.

Yes we watch the matrix and wave our scarves for Neo, pretending we would fight his battles but in reality all we do is watch and imagine.

Sorry this rant is so long, that for some its uncomfortable. To me its the world we live in. Watching how valueless we are, even the shops that want our money are rude to us. Our custom as individuals is not valued.

The police we employ to safeguard us in reality only are there to quell any behaviour outside their norm.

Free thought is now discouraged as is passion, play and development. Our kids victimised for playing out with friends, to the point that many stay alone indoors on their phones or PC's. That when we see kids playing out in small groups we fear them. Imagine them as thieves, robbers and bullies rather than letting them use play to become adults.

I know this seems bleak but its how I see our world today. A world where we rather bomb families than welcome them. Kill folk for imagined threats thousands of miles from here.

It pains me. It hurts truly that few of us recognise this reality. That yes some are even now fighting to change this but the rest of us sit in our comfortable homes ignoring, discouraging, criticising and opposing their actions. By our inactivity and belief in the corruption of our system, our acceptance that money and status is more important than life, that those in power are supported by us doing nothing, by blaming others we ensure the fight can never be won. We allow this corruptive and immoral society to continue. We are almost all guilty of that.

I salute those that fight for change and despair at the rest of us.

These are my thoughts I awake to every day. The guilt and frustration. The knowledge that my wonderful kids have to live in such a malevolent and immoral world. If this life is a test then I have to say we all are failing. The holding cells of limbo must be filled to the brim and even spilling over. We are not 'good people', we ignore and therefore facilitate this.

Some may agree but many likely will feel uncomfortable, will ignore, will deflect, will blame others or me. Will claim this is just negativity or my mental state talking. They will read this possibly and think it imaginary or made up. They will say there is nothing we can do.

Well is there? I have not all the answers but someone out there has. Lets start thinking and listening. Use your voice. Lets see what we need to do to change this. Lets try. Again sorry for the rant. Also I apologise for it being somewhat disjointed. But its how I write.

Share or not. The choice is yours but thank you for reading. Jonesy.

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