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Period Power: Fundraising Drive Launched To Pay For Sanitary Products

It's as simple as the photo suggests. For many women it is a stark choice between tampons/towels or food. Every single month they are faced with this bloody awful choice...forgive the pun...a desperate situation for any woman.

Linda Allbutt, from Stafford, has started a crowdfunding appeal, Period Power, to help provide the essential products for women in need, and hopes her actions will inspire people to do the same in their own areas.

She said: "In a wealthy country like ours it is an absolute outrage. There are some great women out there already doing what they can to help our sisters and I've already been involved in a small way. Now I feel it's time to take it up a notch and ask for your help".

"What I would love to do is to initially supply all of our local foodbanks and shelters with enough sanitary products for all who need them. After that, who knows what we can all do. Please give what you can and ask others to do the same and let's give all women the dignity and Period Power we all deserve"

You can donate to the Period Power appeal by visiting the JustGiving page HERE Please consider sharing this post to help publicise the campaign.

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