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Help Independent Media Fight Back Against The Establishment By Following These Easy Steps

The influence of independent media has declined in recent months. Recent changes to the Facebook algorithm seem to benefit the mainstream media. Whereas traffic to independent media sites has sharply declined. Some sources have complained that they have lost up to three quarters of their traffic.

The changes seem a blatant attempt to suppress independent media, denying people from working class backgrounds a voice, narrowing down debate and enforcing the status quo of gross inequalities of wealth.

Please help us fight back by visiting our Facebook page, the pages of other independent outlets and changing your settings to “See first” as demonstrated below.


When visiting our Facebook page via Mobile just below the top of the page you will see this.

Click following.

Then click "See First" as shown below.

Instructions for PC/Tablet.

When using a PC/Tablet click on Following next to Like at the top of the page and then “See first” on the drop down menu shown below.

If you haven't liked any independent media on Facebook already here is a list of outlets we recommend you follow.

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