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Tory Britain - For The Greedy, Not The Needy

This country continues its war of terror upon its own citizens. The ill and disabled are being sanctioned for up to two years after vile lies made up by private and often unqualified assessors who undertake harsh and physical assessments, where huge bonuses are earned for every claimant knocked back.

Where the unemployed are not supported but again sanctioned at the whim of staff in Job Centres (many of whom now face the terror of their own making, with the proposed closures - Karma), families often living in third world famine conditions due to no food and inadequate shelter, children at risk of harm not through the fault of parents but of the state.

The vulnerable, weak and sick reviled due to government propaganda that distracts the masses from their continuing breaches of international legislation on human rights.

Where the sexual abuse and even murder of children is covered up and now openly condoned by those in the highest positions of government and amid allegations against the Royals legislation (the law) changed to prevent any such allegations being investigated.

A country that arms not only terrorist groups but the worst of all the terrorist states - Saudi Arabia, provides them with weapons, training and defends them on the international stage.

A country where the heads of government are selling off our assets, to their friends, for personal profit.

A country where the head of government will not condemn racism or hate, but aligns herself with it on a daily basis.

A country where the majority of the rights we were born with have been stripped away and stolen from us by the corrupt government.

A country that is now recognised as the most corrupt regime on the planet.

A country where unlike any other country we can be convicted without trial, and are monitored all day every day.

A country where our internet will soon be restricted and our press is already controlled by the state.

This is where you 'British' live. Where we isolate ourselves from the possibilities of multi culture because of fake fear imposed upon us by the corrupt state.

Where its no longer 'love thy neighbour' but 'hate and fear thy neighbour, covet his material assets, cheat and lie about him'.

Christian values, spouts the vicars daughter of a Prime minister! I do not see any Christianity in this country any longer, no goodness, light or even humanity. Do you?

Yes there are many of us recognising all of this but its still too few. Spread not gods word, but this truth. Share this far and wide, lets end this world of torment and bring in fairness and moral values. Its not hard.


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