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Socialists Thanked By Aristocracy - Well That's A First!

The Prole Star was pleased today to have been of service to an icon of the aristocracy! Browsing through the Debretts list of influential people in politics (like you do) we came across an incongruous entry - true blue Tory and all-round smirking gobshite Sajid Javid.

It wasn't, as you might suppose, mere incredulity that a man so stunningly incompetent should figure in the list at all that raised our proletarian eyebrows - it was the fact that Debretts, clearly suffering from some sort of brainstorm, had described him as 'A Labour MP'

Concerned to prevent any damage to Labour's reputation due to people thinking he was one of ours, we were of course more than happy to point the error to Debretts, though we didn't mention the evident lunacy of his featuring in the list at all.

They're quick off the mark, Debretts, and just moments later they were addressing the matter. Fittingly, for an establishment which holds etiquette in high esteem, they didn't forget their manners and thanked us for our assistance.

The Prole Star would like to state for the record that there was absolutely no tugging of forelocks at any stage.

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