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Go Back To Your Constituencies And Prepare For Government: We Have The Opportunity Of A Generation,

It couldn't be plainer - Labour is a government in waiting. Jeremy Corbyn's brilliant speech to Conference, and the Transformative Manifesto of Hope unveiled today, only served to rubber stamp the fact. And why? Because he has something no other Labour leader in history has had.

And it's not just charisma, or great policies - although he has those in spades. It's us.

For every delegate at Conference, there are tens of thousands of committed grassroots members and activists in every corner of the UK. Labour has a standing army ready to campaign the length and breadth of Britain to make sure the failing Tory government's days are numbered.

During Conference, the MSM again, as expected, dredged all the bile they could muster, like last year's lies about 'armed guards' for MPs, through criticism of Labour's 'radical' proposals to make the very rich pay their fair share of taxes - one investment banker on the BBC even said, very tellingly:

"Politicians should keep out of the corporate world - let the system work for itself"

Labour's plans to do just the opposite - make the system work for everyone - evidently strike chills into corporate hearts. And so they should.

It has been suggested that Corbyn's approval is only within party members and activists, that he's 'not popular' in the country - and 'how will Labour get the message across to the wider electorate?' The answer is simple - we will tell them. We will get out on the streets, pounding pavements and knocking on doors.

It has never been more important for people to get involved in their local CLP and take part in the massive people-powered campaign which will be happening until the last vote is in on December 12th.

If you live in a safe Labour seat, this might not seem necessary, but look further afield, find your nearest marginal seat and get involved there.

Every door knocked, every phone call, every leaflet posted, every social media post - every single one of these things puts us a step closer to Downing Street.

Even if you're not a Party member, you can find out how to volunteer in your area by visiting Labour Volunteering. It is vital that we sustain the enthusiasm and optimism which was so brilliantly obvious at Conference, and use it, as Corbyn said, to rebuild Britain, for the many not the few. To bring Real Change.

Don't be distracted by the ongoing MSM smear campaign because that is exactly its intent - to try and frame this election around Brexit, rather than the real issues that matter to ordinary people. To distract attention from the actual policies Labour is offering to create a better, fairer society for the many. The few are clearly terrified at the prospect, and will orchestrate lies and fake news, because they have nothing else to offer.

Don't be complacent - the successes and growth of the last 4 years have been achieved by hard work, and only by making sure that work continues will we be certain of building that growth and translating it into election victory.

Whatever you can do, whether it's filling envelopes, leafleting, phone banking or talking to people face to face - do it. Because the more we do, the sooner we can make the picture below a reality.

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