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Nadhim Zahawi Has A Very Interesting Second Job...

Nadhim Zahawi is The Conservative MP for Stratford Upon Avon. The founder of You Gov has a very interesting second job. He is The Chief Strategy Officer for Gulf Keystone limited.

He works between 8 and 21 hours per week. His monthly salary is nearly 30 thousand pounds. Nearly 360 thousand pounds a year. He earns sixteen times more than a nurse per year for his part time job.

An absolute scandal.

Gulf Keystone Limited is listed on the main market of the London Stock exchange. It has headquarters in London. The company is registered in Bermuda which is a British colony. A popular tax haven.

Gulf Keystone Petroleum limited is an oil and gas operating company in the Kurdish region of Iraq. Nadhim Zahawi is Kurdish by origin. Gulf Keystone Petroleum hold the licence for 75% of oil production in the Sharikam oilfield in Northern Iraq. A sharing agreement with the Kurdish government has apparently been agreed.

The Sharikan Oilfield is one of the largest oil fields discovered in the last 50 years. In 2015 over 45 thousand barrels of crude oil were produced on a daily basis. Gulf Keystone Limited estimate The Sharikan oilfield has a shelf life of 80 to 100 years.

Big bucks for the oil corporations. Black Gold is a valuable commodity.

Yet the invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with oil.

The millions of innocent Iraqi lives lost. The millions who were wounded and disfigured. 4 million Iraqi people displaced from their homes.

The thousands of soldiers who lost their lives.

Iraq was an occupation not a war.

Most people know that the invasion of Iraq was for the pursuit of oil and constructing pipelines. Yet still nobody has been brought to justice for this illegal occupation. Our foreign policy in the Middle East is not changing.

Have we learned nothing from the Chilcott report? How many more innocent lives will be lost? The Yemen faces the biggest humanitarian disaster since World War Two. Yet the UK government still sells armaments to Saudi Arabia.

They have blood on their hands.

Something has to change.

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