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Tory Tim's 'Watergate' - It Gets Worse...

'Squeaky-clean' Tory MP Tim Loughton was rightly condemned this week after it was revealed that he spends a whole hour in the bath every day, with his water rates paid from the public purse.

But that isn't the end of the story - the taxpayer is also footing the bill for his other liquid luxuries. Browsing through his expenses claims (as you do) we came across a recent entry which piqued our interest.

Who was the mysterious Edgar, and why did he have a personal water supply? We admit to being slightly disappointed when 'he' turned out to be a water cooler supplier in Shoreham, rather than a particularly parched staff member, but nevertheless...

Loughton's claims for water significantly outstrip the £662 bill for his water rates, at almost £800 over the last two years - in one particularly soggy month the bill came to almost £100.

Thirsty Tim, who until June this year was Chairman of the Mindful Policy Group, is clearly anything but mindful when it comes to draining the public purse, with expenses claims ranging steadily upwards from a laughable 10p for sticky notes.

So... he's 'mindful' in his bath, and he drinks a lot of water, but what does he do during his well-funded appearances in the Commons? Well, this kind of thing, largely. Not by any stretch of the imagination a Renaissance man, our Timmy.

Recently Tim has been maintaining the liquid theme with several questions raising his concern for the UK wines and spirits industry.

Perhaps he's concerned about the potential cost of his New Year's Eve party - one claim, puzzlingly dated 31/12/2017, would seem to indicate that, planning ahead, he's got Edgar's standing by to provide the drinks for the midnight toast. What a night that's going to be.

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